Tasmania is the final frontier of true Australian wilderness and delicate gourmet desires. With natural beauty surrounding you every step of the way it was an easy choice for our annual escape from reality soiree.

We recently took ourselves on a short 700 km road trip taking us from Hobart through to Cradle Mountain and finishing in Launceston. With over 1,500 photos we’ve got a lot of sorting out to do but we really wanted to share with you a few of the things we did along the way. So here it is – A Tiny Taste of Tasmania.

Find Your Happiness On The Trail.

It would be travesty to not explore Tasmania on foot. Tasmania hosts some of Australia’s best hikes. From short day walks like this on at Dove Lake to the world famous Overland Trek.

Tiny Taste of Tasmania || Traveling Honeybird

Explore The Past

Tasmania has some of the most well maintained historical towns in Australia. You could be forgiven for thinking that you have driven into a tiny town in Scotland or England. From the bridges, churches to the teeny tiny cottages. The impact of European settlement can be seen across towns near and far with many of the magnificent buildings and bridges constructed using convict labour. No more so then in Richmond (image below) or even further south at Port Arthur.

Tiny Taste of Tasmania || Traveling Honeybird

Make Friends With The Locals

It’s hard to not love the local wildlife. Look how cute that wombat is! Or how friendly the ducks are. When our Air BnB host left us a bag of seeds to feed the ducks there was no way we were not going down to the river in Richmond to meet the local flock. Depending on where you are in Tasmania you’re bound to come across some truly wonderful wildlife.

Adopt a Tasmania Devil - Tiny Taste of Tasmania || Traveling Honeybird
Feeding the ducks - Tiny Taste of Tasmania || Traveling Honeybird
Wombat Tiny Taste of Tasmania || Traveling Honeybird

Indulge In A Little Bit of Luxury at Cradle Mountain Lodge

There’s no doubt about it – Cradle Mountain Lodge seamlessly combines wilderness and luxury in an effortless manner. So why not treat yourself to a little bit of indulgent luxury with a spa suite cabin. Complete with wood fire, double spa and the ultimate in privacy. Let’s not favourite the signature Cradle Mountain Cookies. All in all making for the perfect luxury escape, especially after a hard days hike.

Cradle Mountain Lodge Traveling Honeybird
This really was just a tiny taste of the wonders that Tasmania has on offer. We haven’t include the cider, beer, wine, cheese or other delicious food that we devoured. Or even the afternoon frolicking at Freycinet. Have you been to Tasmania? Or do you now want to go? Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions. We’ll have a full indepth blog post or two on our Tasmania adventures shortly.


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A Tiny Taste of Tasmania || Traveling Honeybird


  1. Wow! I love the tips! Definitely need to head to Tasmania now!

  2. Tasmania is my childhood dream. I am a wildlife enthusiast and native animals of Australia has always attracted me. I want say hello to that cute wombat.

  3. Tasmania looks lovely. I love these slow and easy exploration. Feeding the birds was a very sweet idea.

  4. Tasmania looks lovely. I love to do these slow and easy explorations. Feeding of the birds is such a sweet thing to do while exploring the place.

  5. Tasmania looks really nice. It’s perfect for nature-lovers. The wombats look cute and shy. The Cradle Mountain Lodge has a beautiful location. I’d like to read more articles about Tasmania on your blog.

    • More will be coming up shortly!

  6. I love love love this post! I travelled around Tas last year and fell in love. Isn’t it just so stunningly beautiful?! I love how your Air BnB hosts left you seeds to feed the birds as well… how cute 🙂

  7. Tasmania looks beautiful and as you have mentioned, there are so many fun things to do there and that too with your family. We should visit some day!

  8. Tasmania looks beautiful. Those tiny animals look so adorable! That Lodge beside a lake in the middle of nowhere in the middle of night is just so romantic & so perfect! As someone who likes hiking, this looks just perfect!

  9. I would love to visit this part of Australia someday. Hiking is one of my favorite activities so I’m sure I’d have a great time. The lodge looks beautiful, too! That’s always the best feeling indulging in a little luxury after a strenuous hike.

    • It’s an amazing part of Australia which I’m sure you will love.

  10. Tasmania sounds great! Love to get outdoors and explore – how cute is that wombat? Also the Lodge looks incredible, I never met a luxury escape I didn’t enjoy!

    • ha ha ha. Me too! The wombats here are so adorable.

  11. We love hiking! It is a great type of activity to do with kids. They love being outside in nature and not having to be quiet and reserved. It is also a great time to talk. Everyone is just focused on the trail and moving along and you can have great talks! 🙂

  12. Absolutely agree, Tasmania is such a beautiful part of Australia to explore. So much nature and very few houses – where do they all work? These are all incredible photos, especially the beautiful photo of the aurora and the mountains.

  13. Tasmania looks gorgeous. I had never seen pictures of it before and yours are very appealing. I hope to travel there some day

  14. Being the nature lover that I a, Tasmania sounds like a must-visit. I’ve never been but I’ve read some of your posts on Tasmania and I cannot deny that it has really piqued my curiosity. I love that you get to see and do a little bit of everything!


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