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The world is a marvellous place, filled with so much wonder and joy. All one needs to do is make that simple decision to pack that bag and go see what’s on offer.  Each year popular places get swamped with tourists and crowded with selfie snappin’ lip pumping Insta-wannabes. To help you find an amazing place to explore we asked a few of our travel blogging friends, who don’t have fake lips or fake followers, to help us show you some truly unique and wonderful places for your next adventure.

2019’s Unique Adventure Destinations

As told by super cool travel & lifestyle bloggers. And me, because I’ve been to some pretty amazing places over the past year.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

A short three hour drive away from Launceston is the visually stunning St Clair National Park and within the national park is the world famous Cradle Mountain. Tasmania may not seem like the most interesting part of Australia to visit but with amazing food, even better wine and world renowned hiking places it’s fastly becoming a hot spot. So best to visit Tasmania before everyone else reads this and gets on the Tasmanian bandwagon.

Cradle Mountain Lodge is the perfect spot for a romantic couples escape. Read all about our experience here.

Love wildlife spotting? Why not treat yourself to an after dark wildlife spotting session.

Altai Mountains, Mongolia

Mongolia itself is a unique and eye opening country. A mixture of nomadic culture and mining money. Walking through the city centre in Ulaanbaatar and you’ll find a clash of cultures with local wares and international names life Tiffany & Co. The best thing to do is to get yourself out of the city and off west to the Altai Mountains, in the Kazakh area of Mongolia. Not only will the mountains mesmerise you but the local hospitality will fill your soul with happiness and tea. Salty tea. 

Did you read about that time I had a misadventure in the Mongolian Mountains?


Danielle, Live in Ten Countries

There’s nothing quite like Antarctica. It’s not just the thrill of reaching the last continent or stories of how ancient nariners once reached the same spot. It’s being in one of the last truly untouched environments on Earth. Tread lightly and leave no trace. This place belongs to the wildlife, not to us and the local population is tuxedo’d genting penguins. As with every year, there are calls to limit the number of visitors allowed in 2019. If you dream of going, there’s no better time but just make sure to treat this continent with the respect it deserves. 

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat has for a long time been a well kept secret of the dive community. Acclaimed for it’s stunning dive sites and wonder of life under the sea. Coupled with mind boggling beach scenery around every corner it’s easy to see why this part of Indonesia is fastly becoming an adventure traveller hot spot. Situated within one of the world’s most diverse national parks, it’s no wonder that the world is keen to see this area before it disappears.

With many people not overly fussed by the incredibly lengthy flights and island hoping to get to this tropical paradise it might leave you wondering how to get to Raja Ampat? Read our guide here.


Mark & Kylee, These Foreign Roads

Romania is a country of contrasts. It’s a place where BMW’s share the road with horse-drawn carriages in traditional country villages. Where extravagant nightclubs, modern shopping centres and hip cafes have grown from the cold, concrete blocks of communist-era Bucharest. And given its incredibly un-European affordability, Romania has in recent years, become a hub for digital nomads and long-term travellers alike.

Some flock to the beaches of the Black Sea coast, while others venture deep into the colourful forests and rugged scenery of the Carpathian Mountains. History buffs come for the vast architecture styles found across the country, from the wooden churches of Maramures to the Orthodox monasteries and legendary castles of Transylvania. For those indecisive travellers, unable to deal with mediocrity, constantly craving everything at once, Romania is calling.

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Warren, Sling Adventures

Andorra is a small and mountainous principality in the Pyrenees, wedged between Spain and France. Many skip Andorra in their European escapades yet it has year-round appeal. Skiing in winter and biking or hiking in winter and thermal springs to ease the muscles in both seasons. Throw in Andorra’s duty-free status and you have some of the cheapest shopping in Europe.

The scenery is simply drop-dead gorgeous and the old stone church spires only add to the dramatic aesthetics of Andorra. Being only 3-hour drive from Barcelona or the French Riviera, this is a unique destination that is also easy to reach


Nikki & Michelle, Cheeky Passports

The rarely-visited country of Timor-Leste or East Timor, makes up one half of the island of Timor, and is located northwest of Australia. Timor-Leste shares the island of Timor with Indonesia’s West Timor. Tourism infrastructure in Timor-Leste is immensely poor, making independent travel within the country using public transport, rather difficult. Indeed, getting to the spectacular Jaco island on the country’s east coast proved to be quite a feat!

Timor-Leste might appear to be rather rough, but those who brave the discomfort of travelling around the island, will be rewarded with pristine, empty beaches, a thriving marine life, and a country with a rich cultural heritage still waiting to be explored!


Rahma, The Sane Adventurer

Oman in the Middle East is one of the most naturally diverse countries in the region. From a long stretched 3000 km coastline to the wide unexplored golden sand deserts, the country has everything to offer. However, unlike its ‘more popular and happening’ neighbour Dubai; tourism has not made its ground in Oman. Moreover, not many people consider Oman as a great tourist destination. Though, the country is home to the centuries-old history of the Frankincense Land dating back to 6th century AD. The architecture and low rise skyline of Oman scream Arabesque architecture from every corner. Oman is definitely a place to look out for in 2019 to get a perfect vibe of vintage Arabia.

Don’t delay book your hotel in Oman today


Laura, Two Stay Wild

Uzbekistan is the land of amazing architecture, endless desert, unexplored mountains and a booming capital city. Get lost in the intricately tiled mosques and towering minarets of its ancient silk-road towns and be transported back in time.

The Uzbek locals are what will really make your time in Uzbekistan special, from their warm hospitality and curious nature you’ll leave having had some truly heartfelt and genuine interactions.

With a newly improved e-visa application process for over 51 countries, the government are making it easier for tourists to explore this unique part of Central Asia. Get there before the rest of the world hears about it!

Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Alan, More Passport Stamps

Real British history lies outside of London. The best example of this is Derbyshire. Home to areas of natural beauty such as the Peak District, world famous foods like the Bakewell tart, listed buildings such as Calke Abbey and Chatsworth House, flashback towns with amazing scenery like Buxton or Matlock, incredible biking routes such as Tissington Trail and not to mention the innumerable rock climbing and walking routes available. The gem in Derbyshire’s crown though, has to be Eyam. A small village that made the brave decision to quarantine itself when the deadly bubonic plague hit in the 17th century. Neighbouring villages left food at the borders so that the survivors could eat, but still over 70% of the population of Eyam died. Come and immerse yourself in what surely has to be one of the most selfless acts of mankind.

Derbyshire also has some great hotels waiting just for you

Rainbow Mountain, China

Erin, Down Bubble

You’ve surely seen Peru’s rainbow mountain splashed all over Instagram by now; but did you know there are also rainbow mountains in China!? Visit China’s rainbow mountains via the city of Zhangye and see not only these technicolor marvels but a whole other side to China! The city of Zhangye is in China’s northern Gansu province, bordering Inner Mongolia. This city features no high rises, just blue skies (in season) and agriculture! As well as the rainbow mountains there are also the “ice sculptures” of Binggou National Park – which reminded me of the Grand Canyon. There are also temple grottoes of the Buddhist faith, which you can clamber and climb through.

All these sights make out-of-the-way Zhangye a city worth visiting on your next China trip!


Jill, Jack and Jill Travel 

Turkmenistan is one of the least visited “-stan” countries. By nature of it’s isolation and the personality of its president makes the country so interesting from an outsider’s point of view. Ashgabat, the country’s gold and marble capital city, is filled with expensive and over-the-top monuments and statues built to honour leaders and various random moments in the country’s history.

And then there’s Darvaza crater, a huge pit of fire in the Karakum Desert also known as “The Gates of Hell”. The crater is Turkmenistan’s most popular tourist destination despite the fact that the site is an industrial incident and an environmental catastrophe. If you’re looking for a different travel experience, then pack your bags and get to Turkmenistan.

Take a look at the amazing hotels in Ashgabat

Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan

Allison, Eternal Arrival

If you’re looking for an off the beaten path place for 2019, consider Nakhchivan! This part of Azerbaijan is rarely visited as it is a landlocked exclave separated from the rest of Azerbaijan by Armenia (with whom the border is closed), meaning that the only way to travel there from its capital, Baku, is to fly or do a lengthy overland trip through Iran. But it’s well worth the effort – there are beautiful mosques with ornate Islamic funerary mausoleums, gorgeously lush landscapes with fortresses built into the rock, lakes with floating islands, and one of the oddest, most quiet capital cities I’ve ever visited.

Looking for something interesting to do in Azebaijan? Try a winery tour.


Stephanie, Sofia Adventures

Macedonia is one of the least touristed countries in Europe, which is a shame since it combines great budget options with absolutely stunning nature. Lake Ohrid, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is dotted with beautiful Orthodox monasteries and churches. A hike up above St. John Caneo offers some of the most breathtaking views in Europe, and you can’t ever go wrong taking a sunset boat ride on the lake enjoying the sight of the traditional Ottoman houses dotting the hills.

Other Macedonia highlights include venturing out to Matka Canyon and taking some time to explore Skopje, Macedonia’s scrappy yet quirky capital.

Take a look at the unique hotels in Skopje

Ostrava, Czech

Czech has so much more to offer if only one will take the time to walk past Prague. Prague is a beautiful city but really has become an overly crowded, over priced European city, with very little to offer the adventure traveller. Unless you feel like trying to cross the Charles Bridge in the middle of the day. Ostrava is the perfect city to stop before you head over to the Beskydy mountains for some trail running adventures.

The number one thing to do in Ostrava? Coffee.


Claudia, My Adventures Across the World

Guyana is bound to become the next hotspot for adventure travelers, so make sure to go before it gets properly discovered. Receiving no more than 250000 visitors per year, of which the majority are actually people traveling for business or Guyanese diasporas visiting their family, Guyana nature is untouched. Among the places to explore there is the north Rupununi region, in the Amazon basin. With its thick vegetation, rivers and hills it’s a place for many adventures. Yet, the cherry on the cake of a trip to Guyana is Kaieteur Falls. This is completely isolated, and can only be reached via a strenuous 5 days hike or via a charter flight from various locations around the country. Its isolation is such that there never are more than 12 people on the site (basically, the passengers of a full charter flight!).

Fun fact – in 2008 I lived in Guyana teaching HIV/AIDS education and prevention. 

Patagonia, Chile

Check out how beautiful the W Trek is

So Patagonia may be one of the hottest places on the planet. It offers stunning scenery, natural wonder and some of the most fickle weather that a hiker will ever come across. Whether you go for a day trip to Torres Del Paine or the infamous O Trek you won’t regret each and every step of this natural wonder. I won’t bore you with the details as words don’t do justice to this stunning part of the world.

Don’t forget a good pair of hiking boots.


Megan, Megan Starr

One of the best places to visit in the world in 2019 is, without a doubt, Armenia. The country is situated in the Lower Caucasus and is teeming with incredible landscapes, some of the world’s oldest history, and food that will make you salivate at just the thought of it. The country has progressed drastically over the years since and after a peaceful revolution  Armenia is poised for a lot of tourism and opportunity in the future.

Armenia is the birthplace of Christianity and there are many monasteries, churches, and signs of this throughout the country. Armenia is also the home of the world’s oldest winery at Areni-1… so wine lovers will be in paradise as you can purchase homemade wine off the side of the highway for extremely affordable prices. Armenian food is fresh and packs a flavorful punch- apricots, pomegranates, tomatoes, and eggplants are ubiquitously used throughout the cuisine. The culture is dynamic and interesting and I really believe that it is one of the places that should be added to your 2019 travel itinerary if you like underrated and delicious places.

There’s no shortage of hotels in Armenia. Book yours today. 

Papua New Guinea

Dawn, 5 Lost Together 

Papua New Guinea is no longer the calling destination for those of us with an eye for anthropology. In recent years as tribal issues have calmed down, tourism has started to flourish with most people, like ourselves, taking a cruise. Papua New Guinea is an amazing place to cruise around, especially for those who aren’t in the jungle hiking, hammock sleeping variety. Visiting this amazing country you’re taken into a world nearly untouched by the outside, filled with villages, happy children and curious people.

Have these 2019’s Unique Adventure Destinations inspired you?

Let us know if you have any questions on any of these amazing adventure destinations. Now whilst this destinations might be a bit tricky to get to, don’t let that stop you. And don’t forget to buy travel insurance. No body wants to donate to a GoFundMe page because you didn’t want to spend a little less on pre-trip beer and buy your insurance. 



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  1. Yup, I think that you found some of the most interesting and untouched places in the world to travel to. I don’t think there is a country on that list that I don’t want to go. I think Mongolia and Tasmania would be two of my favourite places to go… They are both very far and difficult to go to from where I live. They sound incredibly untouched. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is such an interesting list. Antarctica would be amazing to visit a) to tick off the last continent but b) to enjoy a real adventure! I visited Macedonia earlier this year and absolutely loved it

  3. Such diverse selections. I’ve been a lot of places, but never any of these. I’ve heard that Guyana is a really pretty place. I’d love to check out that waterfall. The water at Papua New Guinea looks amazing. Great inspiration here.

  4. This is such a good round-up of places to visit. I love adventure travel and like that you included some lesser-known places. I’m planning on going to Patagonia in 2019 and hopefully more of the places. All of the places look amazing, it’s hard to choose what I would want to visit the most. Andorra looks beautiful though. I wonder why it isn’t as well known, seems like there is so much to do and gorgeous scenery!?

  5. Patagonia and Papua New Guinea definitely top my list out of all these! Especially the latter, because of how untouched it is by the outside world as you mentioned. A friend of mine is on his second trip there and I’m so jealous haha. Gotta change that soon by getting there of course! Thanks for sharing this great list of wanderlust for 2019!

    • Patagonia is beyond amazing

  6. “selfie snappin’ lip pumping Insta-wannabes” Ha! This is a great list of destinations to get to… and I will be bookmarking this post so I can find them while we finalize our 2019 plans. Is it too selfish to ask you to unpublish this post and just send me the info? Concerned about those travellers you mentioned getting there en masse just as we arrive! Thanks for not including the list of best instagrammable spots in each of these locations.

  7. Among all the destinations recommended, I would visit the silk road and the Raja Ampat in Indonesia. Thanks for this collaborative posts with so many off the beaten path destinations!

  8. Such a cool list! I love how unique these spots really are. Nothing on the beaten path! Antarctica is totally the top of my bucket list. And I’ve read great things about Oman and Mongolia too. Thanks for the inspo!

  9. This is the perfect wanderlust list! I want to go to Antarctica, Patagonia, and Papua New Guinea. Antarctica will probably be later in life since it’s so expensive. We’re thinking about heading to Tasmania in 2019 but we’ll see. I love hiking so Cradle Mountain needs to be added to the hiking bucket list.

  10. Such awesome adventures place to visit. I like all of them a lot

  11. The stuff of travel dreams! I’ve been to a few. We lived in Romania for 3 years total and adored our tiny village there. I’ve ridden horses in Mongolia and slept in a gur. I’ve seen a rainbow mountain in Tibet but it wasn’y THE rainbow mountains, but next we are going to ….Tasmania. I’ve never been and Cradle Mountain sounds like a nice walk after our Everest Trek. Thanks for the inspiration.


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