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So you’ve arrived in La Paz, ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Passport in hand, money hidden away and a little bit sleepy from all that travel. Then you realise – you’re here but your all important bag isn’t. Seemingly your bag has taken itself on an adventure without you. Never fear there are plenty of options for you to grab a cheaper bargain gear in La Paz as a temporary measure until your precious bag decides to return itself to you.

La Paz is a city full of mayhem, madness, witchcraft and some amazing buildings. It’s not necessarily the first place that you might think of when you are in desperate need of outdoor gear. Thankfully the city has embraced the adventure travel lifestyle and you can easily buy new gear.

Lost bag Traveling Honeybird

Where to find the outdoor stores?

Calle Illampu

Go for a stroll along Calle Illampu. This street is lined with a variety of stores selling boots, daypacks and hiking packs, gloves, hats, jackets. Really if you need it you’ll most likely find trekking and outdoor gear here for sale. This is also the spot where there is a mix of stores that retail real and fake gear. The majority from what we could tell was real and the price tag does reflect it as so. 

You might even be able to find yourself an ultralight sleeping matt.

Gringo Alley!

Yup, there is a place fondly known as Gringo Alley. You won’t find it on Google maps though. You’ll want to search for Calle Sagarnaga. Plonked in the middle of La Paz, Gringo Alley has just about everything else you didn’t know you needed. Think ponchos, badges, socks and coca leaf candy as a bare minimum.

Don’t be afraid to be seen in an alpaca wool jumper. They are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. And adorable too. 

Real or Fake?

This is a contentious issue. With multiple outdoor stores and every second door opening to a travel agency and gear store duo it’s rather difficult to tell what is fake and what is not. The first indicator is the price. Stupidly low prices generally mean that the item is a fake. Now if you’re only needing a jumper or pants short term then you might want to consider the lower budget item. Especially if it’s an emergency purchase while you are waiting for your bag to find it’s way back to you. It’s an ethical dilemma that you and your wallet will need to discuss.

Northface seems to be the number one brand that is counterfeit in Asia and sent across the seas to South America. But don’t be surprised when you see Mammut, Quecha and Columbia all on sale for crazy cheap. We found a store that retails ALL the fake things. Even some hippy Lululemon yoga wear tops. All albeit without the infamous Lululemon price tag.

As you can see in the photo below there is a clear difference between the outdoor stores at home and the ones here that sell fake gear. 65 BOB or $9.50US  for a Northface jacket is kinda a big red flag that it’s not going to be a legit brand.

Fake gear store in La Paz

Where else should you go in La Paz?

For shopping? Ah there’s really not a whole lot more. There are quite a few markets and like other big cities in South America, La Paz isn’t a fan of the supermarket. So grocery shopping is usually done at an open market. If you’re after a better meal then there are a lot of great restaurants in La Paz for you to try out.

If you find yourself in need of a coffee fix then without a doubt waltz down Gringo Alley and find your happiness at Higher Ground Cafe. A Melbourne style cafe in La Paz. Complete with barista art and Anzac cookies. Bolivian style of course. These guys also do regular TED talk screenings as well as some adventure films. Just ask what’s coming up. The owner was previously a bike guide so is a wealth of knowledge on all things Bolivia and surrounds. He’ll happily chat and help you with any queries you have.

Higher ground cafe in La Paz Bolivia

Have you been to La Paz before and bought anything that you might think was less than legitimate? Let us know in the comments below. Or if you have any questions on what sort of gear you can buy ask away. We did spend a good half a day exploring the outdoor stores.



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  1. Great post

  2. Do any of the gear shops sell bottled oxygen?

    • Yes they do.

  3. This is such a useful post. Packing gear is too bulky, especially for long-term travel so it is good to know where to pick it up locally! Thank you for sharing.

  4. If I ever loose my bag in La Paz now I know exactly where to go. Thanks for the post.


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