Welcome to the Traveling Honeybird Shop.

Here is a place where you can purchase things. All the marvellous things that we have created. Ok so some of the things here we haven’t personally created, as we don’t really have that much creativity of skills. Our first clothing range was illustrated by the lovely Hannah at Twinewood Studio. These are taken from the wild rambling’s of Jean’s mind when she was hiking the W Trek in Patagoina.

Now we use RedBubble to print our merchandise. So if you click on any of the images below you’ll be taken to the RedBubble website. We won’t ever see your personal information, with the team at RedBubble taking care of payments and fulfilment. It’s so simple. 

Amazon Store

That’s right kids, Jean has her very own Amazon store. Now for those Non-Australian readers you can shop your heart out, window shop Jean’s helpful lists and get some great freebies.

Shop Jean’s Amazon Store right now.

Now just incase you were wondering what kind of things are in the store, I’ve given you a sneak peak into my four favourite digital nomad items. Things I just can’t function without. All these items cost less than an airport meal. Just sayin’

Not sure about trying out Amazon? Well let me help you with some free trials.

Australia & Amazon. 

Australia, sadly, has a rather restricted but somewhat useful Amazon that was recently launched. It’s still a bit hit and miss, with no thanks to trade restrictions. In saying that we do get some nifty things from Amazon, and with our Prime membership I get great access to a bucket load of free e-books for my Kindle.

Shop the Australian version of Amazon

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