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A basic guide – How to get to Raja Ampat

A basic guide – How to get to Raja Ampat

Nestled away in the ocean wilderness of West Papua lies a slice of tropical heaven- Raja Ampat. Like all good things in life there’s a little bit of hard work with a lot of reward at the end. There is no direct way to get to Raja Ampat. This is certainly a place that...

Raja Ampat- fun activities for non-divers

Raja Ampat- fun activities for non-divers

Raja Ampat is scuba diving heaven and a seriously special place for those of us wanting to practice our mermaid skills snorkeling and trying to talk to the fish. But what about for those who don't like wet salty hair? Thankfully there are plenty of fun, Facebook...

Next stop – Raja Ampat

If I had a bucket list up and running and worth talking about this amazing announcement involving Raja Ampat would be ticking off a lot of the items. I've never been one to have a relaxing, resort by the beach style holiday. I keep on saying to James  "Next winter we...

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