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Warning there are some magnificent photos on display here, that will no doubt give cause to a case of the green eyed envy monster and have you booking tickets to Raja Ampat right away. Sorry, not sorry about that!

Raja Ampat has to be by far one of the (if not the One) most spectacular and wonderful regions in Indonesia. With plentiful fish, crystal clear water and sand so soft and delicate on the eyes it’s near impossible to not fall in love with this place. Add in a dash of friendly people, cheeky children and delicious food and its a match made in adventure heaven.
So what is there to do in Raja Ampat? Here’s a sneak peak in no particular order  of the top ten things that you could be doing when you’re island hoping in Raja Ampat.

1- Go for a long walk along a pier

Pier Raja Ampat

Walk along the pier of happiness

2- Par take in the massacre of coconuts

Dont mess eith the coconuts

Don’t mess with me delicious little coconuts

3- Enjoy the fruits of your labour on the picture perfect beach on Piaynemo Homestay


Coconut plus beach equals an afternoon in island heaven

4-Swim with ALL the fishes. All the while practicing your best mermaid moves

Making friends with the locals

Making friends with the locals

5- Or if that’s not your thing take it up a notch and swim with manta ray or two.

(Video coming soon!)

6- Take a hike up the 340 wooden stairs to look over this majestic bay on Pianynemo Island


Not a bad view from Piaynemo islands

7- Snorkel some more. The fish are really friendly and they like cookies. No seriously they love to eat cookies.

Fish Raja Ampat

Hey fish, want another cookie?

8- Investigate the pros & cons of hammock life.

Hammock Raja Ampat

Hammock life

9- Get up close and personal with island locals.

Raja Ampat

Island locals

10- Try not to fall in love with beaches like these;

Raja Ampat

Kri Island floating sand bar

Pianynemo homestay

Beach time at Piaynemo Homestay

This is just a sneaky little peak of what’s on offer for you at Raja Ampat. Other amazing activities include scuvba diving, kayaking, bird tours and potentially trekking in the jungle. With currently over 1500 photos to go through it might take me a few days when i get home to show off some more and show you the wonderful Indonesia of Raja Ampat.

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  1. I love your style of writing. It would be great to visit Indonesia one day and see all the beautiful places and colorful fish.

  2. I love the coconuts. “Funland at the Beach” is a Dead Kennedys song!

    • Who’s the dead Kennedy’s??

        • Well that explains why I have no idea who they are!

  3. Those pictures look lovely and really make me want to go for a holiday to Indonesia! Hopefully soon enough!

  4. Could not handle the 340 stairs but could most def do the coconut water and the hammock, glorious pics by the way

  5. I would really like to visit this place. I want to see those fishes and feed them with cookies. That’s an interesting fish food. The water is so clear. They look pristine and tranquil. The dogs look friendly and nice.

  6. Wow. His is absolutely stunning. Piaynemo looks perfect. I had heard a lot about Raja Apat but didn’t know it is this beautiful. Those dogs look so much like dogs of India.

  7. Next time I visit Indonesia I want to go here!!! It looks so beautiful. Those beaches just look stunning and I love snorkelling so I would love to be in the water seeing those fish. The view of playnemo islands is amazing, and I am certainly going there when I return. Stunning pictures, really makes me want to go now.

  8. At first I misread Raja Ampat as Raja Airport and was in awe that so much was available at an airport! It was only when it got to the picture of a coconut on a beach that it clicked. Speaking of, I absolutely hate coconuts. I despise them! But every time I’m on a picturesque beach like the one above, and coconuts are on offer, I just have to buy one. I mean, how can one not?!
    Also, how adorable is that smiley dog on the far left?!

    • Oh coconuts are amazing. But not for everyone. It’s ok I’ll eat coconuts for you

  9. Thanks for the warning at the start, Raja Ampat sure looks beautiful. I’m in Indonesia next week! The sunset from that pier must be absolutely stunning! The view from the Piaynemo islands are incredible, I love the contrast of greens and yellows and I’d love to make this shot myself!

  10. Just beautiful, I must say this truly looks like paradise. Especially the last two photos make me want to go there immediately! So my clear favourite thing to do would be: Enjoy the fruits of your labour on the picture perfect beach on Piaynemo Homestay.

  11. Wow Raja Ampat looks so idyllic. I would love to have a coco at the beach. Looks all so relaxing

    • Yes we can 😉 I’ve got a post on how to get there too.

  12. There are so many things to do in Indonesia, I feel I haven’t seen anything yet with Bali! Love your pictures and totally inspires us to go back and visit it properly!

    • Ummm hate to break it to you but this isn’t Bali!! Totally a completely different area. 😂

    • Maybe our next meeting stop?

  13. Thanks Jane! It’s such an amazing place to visit. Not backpacker cheap though. But worth the splurge!

  14. These are lovely pictures. I won’t make it to Indonesia this time but hopefully next year



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