Resources for bloggers new and old.

Welcome to our little sharing space. Over the past five years I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to do this blogging thing. Going from a low level hobby blogger to a full time professional. I’ve tried a lot of different programs, mentors, and well general shit so that you don’t have to. 

There are affiliate links here. If you do choose to purchase or sign up to any of these programs there’s a chance that I’ll get a slim % of your booking/service. This will be at no additional cos to you.  Any of the programs that are recommended here are trialled and tested by me. So you can be assured that the very small % that these companies may eventually pay out to me is not a reward for pimping out their services.

To help you expand, grow and develop into the best blogger you can be I’ve collated some of my favourite blogging tools.

Finding affordable travel – Flights, Hotels & Stuff

We all know that travelling costs money. Somewhere along the line your wallet gets a fairly good slamming.

Hotel bookings.

With so many sites out there it can be difficult to figure out the most reliable. In 2019 we have seen quite a few OTAs (online travel agents) go bust and leave people in the lurch with unpaid bookings. HotlesCombined also has a nifty affiliate program if you are looking to increase your affiliate marketing portfolio.

The best way to book a hotel is using HotelsCombined

Staying connected while you are on the road.

Traveling and accessing wifi can be a real drama. We do try and buy local simcards where ever we can but recently I’ve switched over to using Skyroam Solis. It doubles up as a wifi router and a battery pack.

Get 10% off your Skyroam Solis when you use the code: HONEYBIRDTRAVEL

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Air BnB

Air BnB offers an alternative to your regular hotels. Rent a room, a whole house or even a yurt. The options are endless.

Just a hintuse this link for your first stay and you’ll get a $55AUD (converted to your local currency) credit to your account when you make your first booking. Ah hello free room upgrade!

Travel Insurance

If you can’t afford travel insurance then you can’t afford to travel! It’s as simple as that. Here are a few different companies that we’ve used over the years and can recommend. Why so many? Well different travel styles have seen us require different insurance along the way.

 1 Cover

Over one million customers have trusted 1Cover to protect them on their travels overseas and around Australia. Next time you’re planning a trip, be sure to pack travel insurance you can count on.

World Nomads

World Nomads are great for those already on the road. They also cover a variety of different countries. They’ll also cover you if you are already on the road.

Travel Insurance Australia

Resources to help you manage your blog as a business

If you’re running your blog as a business or even a hobby you’ll need business cards, a way to invoice and manage your accounts. It’s all great to be making amazing content but if you want to make money as a blogger then you need to be all business-time.

Need business cards? You need Moo.

I love Moo. The quality and customer service is second to none. I’ve been a big fan of Moo for what seems to be a life time. Business cards, post cards and Hey Thanks for Being Awesome cards. A few times I’ve uploaded incorrect images and the printing hasn’t been 110%. The team at Moo have sorted the issue and reprinted at no extra cost to me at all. woo hoo!

If you use this Moo link you’ll get a $15 credit and 20% off your first order! 

Manage your money with Waveapps

Waveapps is a free – with a paid version – accounting software program. It’s easy to connect to your bank account, create quotes and invoices. As well as set up automatic payment reminders. It’s a heaven send of a program to use. 

On top of all that usefulness you can open and connect a Stripe account. Allowing you to accept credit card payments for the awesome work you are doing.

There’s no affiliate program – you can check it out here – Waveapps

Send/Receive money with Transferwise

So I’m not a huge fan of PayPal for business needs. If you are invoicing in different currencies you can end up loosing a lot of money in exchange rates and trying to take your money out can be a right pain. Not to mention the fact that PayPal can and will shut down your account at any point in time. So let me introduce you to Transferwise – borderless accounts. The easiest way to receive and send money at really good rates.

Use this link -> Transferwise Borderless account – to open your Transferwise account and get your first transfer up to $500AU free.


Now depending on which affiliate programs you are with you might not be able to get paid easily into your own account. Payoneer is accepted and for quite awhile was the preferred Amazon payment portal. The thing that I love about Payoneer is the prepaid Mastercard. I have the card, and when I get paid in USD the money goes into my account and I can then do all the online shopping. Which is a heaven send when you’re on the road as often as I am.

If you sign up to Payoneer using my link <<click here>> you will get a $25 credit and I get a $25 credit! YAY 

Blogging Opportunities

If you’re blog and social media accounts are up and running you’ll be wanting to make the most of your opportunity.


Cooperatize links bloggers to companies/brands/tourism boards that are after content creators. There are two channels that you can go through. You will need to have a Google Analytics account set up on your website to be able to join this service.

Hosting Services

Site Ground is a great place to start off your new blog. Or to transfer your current space. There are several packages from the small – 10,000 users per month to larger. I run several sites on SiteGround and have found them to be utterly delightful for when I’ve stuffed things up and need assistance.

If you do choose to go with Site Ground they offer free website migration and WordPress set up.

Web Hosting

Social Media


Managing social media can be a pleasure or a pain in the rear. I love the ease of uploading my social media content in advance. The free plan here is very generous.


Sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter? MailChimp is one of the easier more basic programs available. Have less then 2,000 subscribers? Then it’s free! Just remember that many countries now have anti-spam laws. So make sure you have permission to add an email to your list.


PLANN is you secret Instagram tool. It’s not free and is around $14 AU to purchase. This app allows you to drop and drag and plan your Instgram schedule. As well as store commonly used hash tags. It’s a game changer in the Insta world.


Not a graphic designer? Me either. These are my go to places for photos, graphic design and stuff that makes me look amazing.


Canva is a life saver. They now have a wonderful iOS app so I can do great things on the road. As well as a large database of royalty free images for you to use. You can upload your own images too.


Every 10 days they add 10 great new pics to use however you wish, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or website. The photos are of great quality and variety.