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Travels from the kitchen sink

A ridiculous podcast launched in May 2020

Travels from the kitchen sink

I’m a long time travel blogger and content creator. Like many others I, because talking about me in the third person is as weird as decaf coffee, found myself grounded at home by the virus that shall not be named. And like a lot of people I found myself not nailing it with baking failures, hours of cleaning up every pot & pan that I had used in the kitchen and catching up with friends near and far from the kitchen sink. It seemed natural to me to call my friends as I did that awful cleaning up my own mess.

And so from my turquoise kitchen came the podcast – Travel tales from the kitchen sink. Each week I’ll be cooking up a storm of a podcast. Talking travel, eating on the road when we could travel and iso-cooking failures.

If we are lucky we might get an appearance from Myrtle, one of the three pandemic panic bought chickens that recently joined our house hold. She’s sassy, talks back when she wants corn and is the one and only giver of chicken treasure.

We’ve launched!


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And all places that good podcasts are played. We do try to be as inclusive as possible however some platforms just don’t quite like us. If you’d like to support Travels From the Kitchen Sink the best thing you can do is leave a 5 star review!

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