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Mongolia. Wow. Seriously just wow. I’ve finally returned from my adventures in the Altai with Zavkhan Trekking and am still full of awe, wonder and happiness. When the team at Zavkhan tell you that they organise amazing horse riding adventures in Mongolia they aren’t lying at all. So with over 1000 photos to go through, some interesting journal notes to try decipher before i can put virtual pen to paper and tell y’all about this great adventure here’s a few photos to tease you with.

James also went off to Jalman Meadows for a week of glamping, hot showers and three course meals. He’ll be chatting about that shortly.


If you think you need any more reason to consider going to Mongolia why not check out the funny duo Nomadasaurus. Sadly we didn’t get to cross paths in Mongolia but we had some very different and amazing adventures.

*A huge thank you to everyone on tour who firstly made it a great trek and secondly for the amazing photos. All photo rights belong to the photographer. Please don’t steal these.

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