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This year I achieved one of my strongest life long dreams. At 05.30 with a sleepy smile and a bounce in my uncaffeinated step I, for a mere $20USD, became a temple tourist at the Angkor Wat complex.

For anyone who has experienced visiting the many temples that encompasses the Angkor Wat complex you know this feeling of true achievement.

I won’t bore you to death with all the amazing things that we saw and did. That’s still to come. Here are a few choice photos from my experience of cycling around Angkor Wat and surrounding areas.

All photos are my own and have only been roughly edited. Please do not steal them!







Our day started at 05.00 and we stumbled onto our tour minivan to see the sunrise. Was it worth it? As the youth of today would say- Hells Yes! Ok yes there are like a zillion other people there trying to get that elusive photo. That’s half the fun. The atmosphere in the morning was worth getting up for. A lot of hotels will pack you a breakfast. We didn’t find this necessary. After an hour or so you’ll probably want to head back to bed. Or grab a ride to another one of the temples that might be less crowded.

A full post on our day of cycling around the Angkor Wat complex is coming up shortly! I need to sort out the 1026 photos I took that day. Seriously I took that many. It was amazing.