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Imagine a world of wonder, grace and luxury hidden away in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Yet only a few steps away from the curious streets of New Orleans. An area to be yourself, rest your weary feet and rejuvenate with a beautiful cocktail all before sneaking away for a spa session. Dream no more, it’s possible to experience all of this and more at the Windsor Court Hotel.

2018 sees New Orleans celebrating their tricentennial. 300 years of being New Orleans. Without a doubt, 2018 will be a year packed full of celebrations, events, parades and some good ol’ southern style celebrations. Which got me thinking about packing up our bags and heading south.

It doesn’t seem right to go and stay in a hostel for such a monumental celebration. 300 years is actually older than the European settlement of my home country Australia. I want to stay somewhere that is as special and unique as the city itself. A place that embraces the diversity of the travellers who come through the lobby. When I’m searching for a luxury hotel there are a few key items that are must haves.

Pretty poolside

It’s not always possible to stay at a beach resort and be a mermaid so I love a luxury pool to laze beside.

Windsor Court Pool Traveling Honeybird

Room to move

Teeny tiny rooms are a no-go. Send me to a suite or send me home. Thankfully for James, the Winsdor Court Hotel’s rooms are suite size. So plenty of room for me to stretch, flex and fall asleep on a window side couch whilst reading a book.

Hotel Windsor room Traveling Honeybird


It might seem petty but when I’m off the streets and have put the camera down I really do value my privacy. A private courtyard entry into a luxury lobby? Ah yes, please.

Wine me, dine me.

No one likes to be hangry. After a long day and most likely a night out celebrating on Bourbon Street I want good food. For those nights where I’m not out celebrating I’ll be after some magnificent wine or a crazy cocktail. I love sitting at the bar and asking the bartender to make me their favourite drink.

Yet life can’t be time hidden away in a world of luxury. What would a trip to New Orleans be without a visit to see some of the most iconic places in the city?

A bag of beignets.

No trip to New Orleans would be complete without a bagful of beignets to fill my belly. I have such a silly sweet tooth and these really are some of my favourite treats. If you were unaware beignets are square French -style doughnuts, lavishly covered with powdered sugar. The soft, fluffy dough. The powdered sugar. And the oh so delicious filling. There’s no better place than Café Du Monde to grab a latte and some traditional beignets. Which is unsurprising as these guys have been baking and roasting since 1862.

Beignets for me please | Traveling Honeybird

New Orleans Museum of Art

A city with such a rich cultural history surely has some amazing museums. The NOMA is a must see when visiting New Orleans. Not just for it’s 100+ year history but to stroll through the 5 acres of sculptures. A living, breathing gallery to be enjoyed.

Where will 300 years of history take you?

Will you take some time out and head down to good ol’ New Orleans to celebrate with me? Or maybe you have a favourite area that we need to know about. If you have time here’s a three-day itinerary of NOLA.

Let us know in the comments below.



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This article was brought to you by Winsdor Court Hotel. This post does not contain affiliate links to the sponsor and is considered sponsored content. These funds help us continue to live, feed the dogs and go on cafe runs. Which Milly really does appreciate.
Any and all views and opinions expressed are entirely my own based on personal experiences when travelling and are honest and factual without any bias.
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Is it time to explore the wonder of New Orleans?


  1. I’m super keen on visiting New Orleans when I eventually do my USA road trip so I’m going to keep this hotel in mind, thanks!

  2. The pictures are stunning! Probably over my budget but inviting nonetheless.

  3. I haven’t made it to New Orleans yet but I honestly cannot wait to try alllllll the foods. This looks like the perfect place to relax after a long day of nomnomnoms.

  4. That swimming pool definitely looks inviting especially after a day in the heat or out dancing in New Orleans!

  5. I’ve never been to New Orleans but it’s definitely on my list! Looking forward to checking out your suggestions. The beignets are reason enough… 😉

  6. Wow! 300 years ! There can’t be a better time to explore new Orleans. And with such tempting stay and food options who can contain themselves from exploring this beautiful place. Wish I were nearer to it.

  7. It’s interesting to note that New Orleans will soon be 300 years, what a lot of historical tales to tell.

  8. Winsdor Court Hotel sounds like the perfect place to stay for anyone who wants to be pampered on their visit to New Orleans! The room looks so spacious and the bed so comfortable! And yes, privacy is super important!

  9. This sounds like a lovely hotel! I haven’t made it to New Orleans yet, but I always hear such wonderful things about the city!

  10. The Windsor Court hotel looks like the perfect place to stay in New Orleans. It’s hard to believe the picture of the pool is in a New Orleans hotel, the spacious room looks perfect too. I’m glad you explained what a beignet is. I’m sure that they are delicious being French influenced. When I visited New Orleans I barhopped on Bourbon Street which was fun, not the morning after though!

  11. What a stunning hotel! I could spend hours photographing the interior and enjoying the facilities. And this sounds like a great place to base yourself when exploring the incredible city of New Orleans.

  12. WIndsor Court looks exactly like my kind of hotel! Is it luxury or boutique? Those beignets looks delightfully sinful, I’m sure I could eat a few of those! New Orleans is totally on my list, and I would definitely check out this hotel!

  13. New Orleans is on top of my bucket list. Aside from the beignets and Mardi Gras, you have listed many reasons to go to New Orleans and stay in Windsor Court Hotel. Hopefully I get to stay here when I am in New Orleans… hopefully soon!

  14. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the USA. I used to live 4.5 hours away when I lived in Houston, but now that I am in Dallas, it is a little further away than I’d like. I absolutely adore the culture and thankfully always had a place to stay. It is to the point that I either want a second-line band at my wedding or to go to NOLA for my bachelorette, and no I’m not engaged! lol This hotel looks absolutely divine and I would definitely consider staying there.

  15. I would love to visit New Orleans and now seems like the perfect time to do so and celebrate 300 years! The hotel you suggested seems fantastic – no more hostels for me! And I think the first thing I’m going to do is buy myself a bag of beignets!

  16. Sounds like a very relaxing trip! I’ve been all over the deep south, but somehow STILL haven’t made it to New Orleans. One of these days, right? I need some beignets in my life.

    • We all need beignets in our life

  17. I feel like New Orleans does have a tonne to offer, I would for sure get myself over to Cafe du Monde and the NOMA! I had no idea they were celebrating 300 years though, awesome!

  18. New Orleans is certainly on my list and I cannot wait to visit. Great capture of this hotel. So tempting.

  19. New Orleans has been on the list for a while! I can’t wait to get there!

  20. I haven’t been to New Orleans but it sounds like a great place to visit. You have ME completely convinced to explore it!

  21. Sounds relaxing. I like the to stay in a luxurious hotel too if I have a chance. Those little doughnuts looks delicious. Never been to New Orleans, more please.

  22. Yes! This is a great city to explore. I would like to go back one day, as I was there during Mardi Gras and drank so many “Hurricane” slushies that I thought I’d turned into a crab.


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