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Myanmar truly is the land of magic, wonder and rapid change. With a plethora of adventures and activities to suit every traveler here’s a quick top 5 must do in Myanmar that won’t break your budget or turn your travel plans upside down.


1- Eat all the local cuisine. This one is harder than you think. Myanmar food is subtle and simply delicious. So many places seem to think that travelers only want to eat Thai or Chinese food. Just ask your friendly server for local Myanmar food.

As a price guide most meals are around 1500-2500 kyat, beer is 1500-2000 kyat, water is 500 kyat and soft drinks 800-1000 kyat. If you’re a little bit fancy cocktails and wine start around the 2000 kyat mark. At time of writting $1USD = 1220 kyat.

2- Take local transport.

The pony express in Bagan. A luxurious bus ride or my personal favourite -the infamous train ride from hell departing from Manadalay to Hsipaw.

3- Go temple hoping.

Bagan has over 2,500 temples for you to explore. Do yourself a favor buy a hat, sunglasses, grab at least 2 bottles of water and hire an e-bike for a day of temple exploration.

Big temples, little temples, all the temples! Also why not buy some art while you’re there.

4- Take a hike.

Hsipaw and Inle Lake are the two most popular areas to hike. With prices starting from around 20,000 kyat a day these are really easy to organise via your guesthouse.ย Your price should include the guide, dinner, a local home stay and breakfast the next day. Quite a few places will have set aside time in the morning and late afternoon for potential guides to come and talk to you. The more people the merrier the price gets.

Here’s a great little video from Ryan, Lost Boy Memoirs on the most amazing hike I missed (due to illness).

Anyone up for a trek through northern Myanmar countryside? How about 28km through valleys of farmland, through mountain top tea plantations, and remote tea villi ages above the clouds? I just returned from a two day trek from Hsipaw into the Shan region and a night staying in a traditional Paulang how with a family of tea leaf harvesters. Here's a sneak peek, more to come!

Posted by Lost Boy Memoirs on Wednesday, April 20, 2016

If you’re in for an off the beaten track hike and are into responsible tourism than go book a hike with Myanmar Adventure Outfitters.

Unfortunately for me I only connected with these guys on my way out of Hsipaw.

This could be you! Photo credit- Myanmar Adventure Outfitters

This could be you! Photo credit- Myanmar Adventure Outfitters

5- Enjoy the beauty of the sun set and sun rise.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the city, up in the mountains or enjoying the temple spotted plains of Bagan. Myanmar is a super hot country and the best times to explore are first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon. In between times are for naps, cane juice and pool time.

As I’ve just returned from an adventure during Thingyan in Myanmar the prices and activities here are current as of April 2016. A more comprehensive guide to Myanmar and my misadventures will be coming along shortly. For the time being I’m enjoy a little bit of relaxation.

If there’s any one thing that you think is a MUST DO in Myanmar let me know in the comments below.




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  1. Great blog and info! Just realised that I will be travelling during the week of Thingyan Festival and research stated that there will be limited/no bus operating during the festival! Looks like I would be having difficulties finding my way back to Yangon from Bagan to catch my flight. Any info that might help?

    • Book things now! If you get in early enough you can get tickets. Try JJ Express bus. Otherwise be prepared to fly.

  2. Looks like you had a great trip! The sunsets and sunrises look amazing. I hope to visit here someday and I’ll do some of these things when I do.

  3. You had me at number 1 haha! I love nothing more than trying local foods and it seems sooo affordable. Thanks for sharing!

  4. New plan: abandon my job and see the sunset in Myanmar! Loved reading about the local cuisine too. Great work!

  5. Many of my ex colleagues in Dubai were Burmese and I’ve heard many interesting things about the country – but I have no idea about this train ride. Would you mind to share more with me?

    • What would you like to know? It was the most magical train ride and I’d gladly do it again. Just not during Thingyan!

  6. I loved Myanmar. It is one of my favourite countries. I completely agree with temple hopping in Bagan. I did a trek at Inle Lake to Kalow over two days. It was fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So jealous. I was too sick to do the trek ๐Ÿ™

  7. I can’t say that I’ve ever tried Temple Hopping before, what a fun idea! Great post full of excellent ideas!

  8. Great tips! I really would like to visit Myanmar before it gets too touristy. I heard it’s already starting to become that way. Hopefully I can make it soon! Can’t wait to read the rest of your guide!

    • Get there now while you can! It’s an amazing country. There’s a full travel guide under the Myanmar section.

  9. I have planned to visit Myanmar for a long time! I’ll definitely take note what you have written here for future references. Did you by the way encounter any difficulty while travelling in Myanmar?

    • Not really. It’s an easy country to get around. If you have $USD then it’s even easier ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I’m so excited to read your full Myanmay guide! I’m hoping to go sometime this summer.


    • It’s on the way Sarah! It’s such an amazing country that you should go and see. Really affordable too.


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