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Is it more fun in the Philippines? Such an age old question that travellers are asking themselves. Is it really more fun? Should I go or stick to the usual Thailand tragic tale? Well let me tell you, my lovely friends, after a whirlwind familiarization trip to the Albay region I can happily say – Yes it is more fun in the Philippines!

Here’s a sneak peak into the adventures that we got up to whilst exploring the area. The Albay region is a hidden gate way to adventure, luxury accommodation and a whole lot of chilli.

What’s on offer?

Beautiful beaches offering stunning sand to sink the toes into.

Beautiful sunrise on the beach, Misibis Bay

Beautiful sunrise on the beach, Misibis Bay


Misibis Bay Resort

Beautiful beach at Misibis Bay resort


Private pool Misibis Bay

Sun Goddess moment over looking private beach at Misibis Bay resort

Amazing natural scenery.

Five Views, Misibis Bay

Five Views, Misibis Bay. Perfect spot for a sunrise coffee and ATV adventure


Mount Mayon

Mount Mayon just woke up to say hello


Sunrise Misibis Bay

Sun rising over the bay.

Wondrous Water falls at Busay Falls

Busay Falls, where the fairy queen is said to live

Busay Falls, where the fairy queen is said to live.


Enjoying the Busay Falls with some pretty amazing people

Unique local transportation

Horse riding Philippines

Just hanging out with my Bro pony

Community inspired and implemented social enterprises

Sumlang Lake Philippines

Sumlang Lake offers kayaking and bamboo raft rides

We can’t forget the incredibly friendly people and amazing chilli food! Even the ice cream is chilli!

A full post with all the details on my adventures will be up soon. For more updates check out the Traveling Honeybird Facebook page!

This adventure was on behalf of TBEX and Department of Tourism/Tourism Promotion Board Philippines government familiarisation trip. A huge thanks to my hosts and the amazing work they did.

Still not convinced? Take a look at this amazing video from Tara – Where is Tara?

Are you thinking of heading to TBEX in the Philippines this year? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. I enjoyed watching your video. You almost ate the banana leaf. Haha! You did have a lot of fun! I have not been to this province yet but I have eaten most of the Filipino foods that were featured on the video. I like fried bananas. The ‘More Fun in the Philippines’ ad has been changed into ‘Experience the Philippines’ just recently. Filipinos are not happy. The previous one was already great. There was no reason to change it but probably it does not matter. Come back to the Philippines someday!

  2. I cracked up after reading ‘tragic Thailand tales’ ! Haha 😀 . The pristine beaches of Philippines are second to none so I am well convinced that it’s no Thailand. Did I read chilli ice cream? Whoah! That’s a new concept to me. Ofcourse I have heard about the warmth of Filipino people. The Filipino families are so tightly knit together, quite like us Indians. I wish to visit this country soon!

  3. Abayla looks like an absolute blast! Based on your photos, it looks like there were lots of ways to escape the heat and it looked like such a relaxing trip! Busay Falls is absolutely stunning- it would’ve made such a fun day trip!

  4. Yes, I totally agree! Have been to the Philippines and to thailand and it is way more fun. The photos of the beaches take me back to some happy times, thank you!

  5. Looks gorgeous; the Philippines has got everything I look for in a destination! I’d love to relax on either the beach or by that infinity pool after a long day trekking in the countryside. Good to hear the food’s nice too. Might have to be my next big trip…

    • Go for it! It’s amazing

  6. It definitely looks like a lot of fun in the Philippines. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Trinidad and Tobago, with its waterfalls and beaches. Would love to visit just to make some comparisons.

  7. I’ve wanted to visit the Philippines since I worked with a lovely Filipino lady almost 10 years ago now. She brought some traditional home-cooked food into work one day and oh my word it was so delicious!
    It really does look like it has something for everyone! I’ve even heard some people compare the beaches to those in Indonesia, and some even saying they’re better!

  8. Great visual post. Philippines is truly coming up as a hot and happening destination and they are really trying their best to promote tourism to the country. Although I haven’t yet been there, I think it has everything to offer that some of its more famous neighbors are famous for. The beaches look amazing and waterfalls are so IN these days and always a wonderful way to explore the natural aspects of a country.

  9. Wow, what amazing pictures. I think it MUST be more fun in the Philippines. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • It really is!

  10. Wow, it looks so beautiful! Definitely on my bucket list to travel to the Phillipines.

    • Don’t worry about a bucket list, unless you’re planning to die sometime soon. Though this should be on your Amazing Places to Visit List!

      • ?? can’t say that I’m planning on it but you never know! Hahaha

    • Thanks Jackie! There’s more to come ?


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