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A picture is worth a thousand words. Now I’m a fairly wordy kinda lady and can usually take up to a thousand words to explain an amazing experience that I’ve had, but even my skills need to bow down to this ye olde proverb. Over the years James and I have had some pretty amazing travel experiences, both together and solo. Each time we find ourselves sitting back, looking at the photos, feeling a thousand emotions and saying to ourselves “Yeah, that one is simply stunning. We should definitely get that one printed”. And inevitably like so many other little seemingly odd commitments that we make to ourselves, we never ever get any photos of our travels printed and displayed in our home. 

Until now. Allow me to introduce you to 

A super simple and cost effective way to get those treasured memories printed and ready to hang up on the wall or sent off to the Grandparents so that they can brag to their friends. Which really is a joy unto itself if you’ve ever seen a Nana brag to the older residents about what amazing adventures you’ve been on.

Jean taking a photo

The process of ordering from

I’ll admit that the very few times I’ve tried ordering printed versions of my photos I’ve been terribly disappointed. I’ve had grand ideas of how I’ll decorate a space, bringing it to life with these glorious photos. The image quality isn’t great, or the more common issue is that I’ve chosen the wrong format to print in and the photos turn up with a golden haze over them. Or the always fun moment when the images look amazing on my laptop screen and when I eagerly rip open that packet that has finally turned up there are bits cut off, odd white borders and generally a small piece of my heart breaks.

It’s so simple.

Firstly the process did take James and I a lot longer and a few more beers than I would have liked to admit to. Because despite collating a folder of To Be Printed photos over the years, it was near impossible for us to actually choose what photos we wanted to print. Like seriously take a look at these images and tell me how easily could you choose only one?


Yet once we battled out our relationship woes and chose a few select images it was less than 20mins for James to upload, edit and order our two canvas prints We ended up settling on one large canvas – 60cm x 40cm (bordered frame on canvas) and a smaller photo board for my office. 

One of the fun bits about ordering the larger canvas print, was getting to personalise the edges. It may seem a little daft but some photos just lend themselves to a wrapped edge, while others ooze sophistication and a bit of glam with a black frame. 

I’m going to be real honest here, with such affordable pricing we could’ve ordered more but having been previously burnt by online printing companies I didn’t want to emotionally (and yes financially) invest more without giving a test run first. 

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Once we had clicked that order button there wasn’t much else I could do but wait and see what turned up. So what I assumed would be the long waiting game began. And here I am eating some humble home made pie – the turn around and production time was incredibly fast. Covid situations aside, postal deliveries to my part of Australia have taken well over a month when only coming from an hour or two away. The team at did a pretty spiffy job of turning around our order, and within about two and half weeks my favorite and rather well known courier turned up with a large canvas sized package in hand.

Picture Perfect Quality

Upon delivery it nearly killed my joy to have to wait like a child on Christmas morning for James to get home from work so we could open the package together. Despite the fact that this parcel travelled more recently than what we have, it was well packaged and arrived safe and sound. Including our little canvas hanging kit. Which was such a relief. I’ve had parcels arrive in less than desirable condition this year. And it’s heartbreaking

Photo board vs photo on canvas

The photo board is a lightweight version of the canvas. It’s a much more affordable option and in my opinion would be a great option for printing photos for fun events like engagement parties, weddings and big birthdays. These are sturdy little soldiers and would handle transport and being tossed around a bit on the way home, as it’s printed on easily portable 5mm thick hard foam. 

If you are feeling that your home, whether it’s van life or the family life these days, could use a little bit of personal travel inspiration why not take advantage of an epic discount off of your order? Last time I looked it was around 70% off. Just click the below personalised and very special link reserved for Traveling Honeybird readers says thanks Traveling Honeybird readers with a secret discount code

Now I would just like to say thank you to the team at, who have sponsored this post. Without generous sponsors during these times it wouldn’t be possible for us to keep bringing you honest and hilarious reviews such as this. As per usual our opinions are our own. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a friendly hello on Instagram



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