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Let’s take a moment to imagine this little scenario. Your bags are packed, your travel insurance is paid for, the policy is printed out somewhere in that bundle of papers, and you’re off on an adventure of a lifetime. The days turn into weeks, the strangers turn into your new BFFs, and the world is your oyster, one that you’re thoroughly enjoying cracking open and diving into.

You’re enjoying your experience so much that you decide to take that risk that your new BFF from the overnight bus says you just have to do. YOLO, right? You put on your sport sandals, slap on some sunscreen, and off you go. Hurray for being an adventurous traveller.

And then you wake up. Reality hits you like a broken bungy cord. It’s that moment when you see the world like never before flying past you at a million miles an hour, and then you find yourself on a hospital bed, trying to figure out what Nurse Lovely Smile is trying to say.

Accidents Happen

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Heck, life happens, and things go a little off the beaten path of your life plan. So here you are in a hospital, waiting for Nurse Lovely Smile to return with Dr. Eyebrows and give you some news. Really, all you want is for someone else who isn’t your crying mother to arrange your transport home to that lovely, clean, and comfortable hospital that now seems a million miles away. Then you remember that bundle of papers with that travel protection stuff that your crying mother was babbling on about. You delve into the papers, wonder where that cheeseburger smell is coming from, and find your MedjetHorizon Membership, that quirky additional cover that your mother made you buy.

After a quick phone call to the crisis team, you’ve never felt happier. The team has assembled, transport has been arranged from the hospital you are in to the one you know, and for a moment you can breathe easily.

What Exactly Does a MedjetHorizon Membership Get You?

MedjetAssist will arrange medical transport all the way back to your hospital of choice in your home country, regardless of medical necessity and at no additional cost besides your membership fee. A MedjetHorizon membership includes all the air medical transport benefits of a Classic MedjetAssist membership as mentioned above, plus travel security and crisis response services.

But Real Travellers Don’t Need the Assistance of Travel Insurance or a MedjetAssist Membership

Everyone needs that little bit of extra coverage. Make sure you take a moment to check the conditions on your travel insurance. It might not cover you for transport between hospitals or even returning you home. Not sure what to look for? Here’s our guide to the basics of travel insurance.

Think it’ll never happen to you? See what happened when our friend Dave broke his back.

Have you ever needed an emergency ride home? Let us know in the comments below what happened to you



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