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Today I was in pain. I was hurting in a way that I had never felt before. My feet were swollen, my calves turned to cement and an angry drum took up residency in my head. My heart was heavy.

I was suffering and I’m not afraid to admit to it.

I had acute temple-itis. The worst traveller illness that has very few remedies.

Definition- Temple-itis – a condition commonly affecting travellers. Caused by over exposure to areas of cultural significance. Most commonly caused by beautiful temples, stunning sights and general levels of amazing experienced in consecutive days.

We had arrived in Bangkok. And boy oh boy we were banging to get out of Bangkok! The night before we had trekked down to Khoa San road, for a cultural experience like no other. What an experience that was! Never to be repeated again. We didn’t go to a pingpong show.

The last thing I felt like after the amazing cultural experience of Siem Reap was another hassling tourist day full of pushy people. Both tourists and locals.

Our last day of our GAdventures tour was in Bangkok and included a potentially brilliant morning tour of The Imperial Palace and a visit to the reclining Buddha.

I felt the tickle of templeitis first thing in the morning. Our local tour guide gave me a stern lecture on appropriate dress wear. A tee shirt was ok but my 3/4 leggings were not. He explained to me that business slack a were preferred. No leggings, no jeans. My limited patience almost peaked at breaking point. Our CEO quickly intervened informing us girls that we could easily hire sarongs at temples to cover ourselves appropriately.

I knew at this point that something was wrong. I love temples. I love history. I love stuff.

Within an hour I was hot and bothered. Struggling to listen to our guide. Annoyed by the pushes and shoves of other tourists.

All I could think of was getting away from the crowds. Getting back to the country side. Where was the water buffalo?? Or the sweet sound of baby chickens?

I stumbled, sulked and eventually escaped the hustle and bustle of the town. A tuk tuk ride back to our hotel provided minimal respite.

There was only one cure for temple-itis- some r&r time with good friends. In the form of Happy Hour in the pool at our hotel!


A few hours relaxing in the pool with good friends and 2 for 1 drinks I feel better prepared to face the world once again!

How do you know if you are suffering from templeitis?

You take photos like this-



Instead of taking photos like this-



Thankfully this is a short term illness, easily cured. If you find yourself suffering from templeitis just do yourself a favour- don’t be an ass!