Mongolia is a beautifully vast land. Filled with natural beauty, raw rugged landscapes, vast emotions and a nomadic culture that thrives on truly wonderful people. Mongolia has been on the hot spot list of places to travel to in recent years. After a short visit to the land of nomads I can see why.

Enjoy a new way of viewing the world around you.

You’ll always find someone who’s willing to lend a helping hand.

Enjoy your lunch with a view.

Truly unique accommodation.

The freedom to bathe where ever you want. If you want.

So I lied a little bit. I couldn’t chose just 5 photos to help inspire you to go on an adventure in Mongolia. It was too difficult. So here are a few more of my favourite photos from my time in the Altai mountains.

My time in Mongolia was far too short. A mere three weeks to explore a very small part of the country. These photos were taken from my trip with Zavkhan Trekking in 2015. We explored the Altai region of Mongolia. An area full of mountains, rivers, eagle hunters and the Kazakh people. To this day I really haven’t shared my story about my time in Mongolia. And for good reason. It was a life affirming, travelling changing experience for me and if I’m truly honest with y’all I’m being really selfish in not sharing what went on. There are some things as travel bloggers that we want to keep to ourselves and this for me is one of these moments.

One day I may write a little more on walking down Death Pass, trying to get over my fear of heights and the pleasure of bathing in an ice cold river (hint there is no pleasure in that). Until that day enjoy the photos.


  1. So on the 5th picture of the river when you say, bathe wherever you want, it was ice cold and you bathed in it? The Altai range looks stunning, you must have thousands of image from your horseback ride! Glamping in a Ger looks pretty unique too!

    • Yup I certainly did bathe in it!!

  2. The scenery in Mongolia looks astounding! It also looks like a peaceful place. And I love that there are so many interesting animals to check out.

  3. Horses! Beautiful animals and gorgeous scenery. I would love to hear about you battling the fear of heights because I am also trying to do the same… And I’m not really successful (and my husband is going crazy while we travel hehe).

  4. Oh these photos just made me so happy! AThe horses are just absolutely gorgeous!

  5. This looks like a great place to unwind and let go of the outside world. Is that a yurt tent? Love the horses and your photos are very inspiring and beautiful!

    • Yes that’s a ger. Wonderful places to eat and sleep in.

  6. Just stunning landscapes in Mongolia. It is still on my list, would be so amazing to meet non-digital nomads. 🙂 Maybe the Trans-Siberian train one day…

  7. I’ve been sold on Mongolia for the last year or so! It looks so stunning and so untouched. Maybe I’ll get there soon

    • Go now before it’s too late!

  8. I’ve always wanted to stay in a Yurt! It would be such an incredible experience. And spending time with those beautiful horses in such an amazing landscape would be a dream. Thanks for sharing your photos!

    • You can do it here in Australia!!

  9. What wonderful pictures. Looks so remote & peaceful. Not a bad combination!

  10. Loved getting to see shots of some of the wildlife! I’ve never been to Mongolia myself, but it seems like a wonderful place to visit. How many days would you recommend for a trip?

    • Hi Leah at least 10 days. Anything less and your missing out.

  11. Mongolia has been one of my most epic travel adventures and I wish I could do it all over again one day! The country is just so photogenetic

    • Let’s go together!

  12. Seriously epic! I want to go 🙂


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