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January is the month that we are inundated with a plethora of positivity. Positive messages. Faux happy people. New Year – New You. Find the right mindset. If you dream it, it will happen It really does seem as if everyone toss winkle has become a new age, personal branding expert. Without these amazing changes in mindset, positivity and wank factor how will any of us ever achieve anything in 2018?

Well I’m here to give you some great news! Some marvelous news. Actually, I’m just here to brag to you about our 2018 resolutions. All of them. Each and everyone. They are totally going to make you jealous. And envy us. Read on if you dare.

Travel resolutions

And there they are. Our top 5 New Years Travel Resolution. In all their glory. Raw honesty. Transparent for you to all see and enjoy. Surely by now, you’re wondering what the feck is actually happening here? There’s nothing written on that list. Not a single thing. True story, you’re not imagining it. There’s no invisible ink. hidden text or other such fancy design work. We don’t have any New Years Travel Resolutions. Not a single one.

The Anti-Resolution

I prefer the almost comical anti-resolution. Which I know is an oxymoron, making a resolution to not make any resolutions. In all honesty and with over 30 years experience as a person, New Years resolutions are a crock of shit and a great way to disappoint yourself. People spend hours writing lists, creating plans and paying for gym memberships they’ll never use past February. By November we’ll all hear the same people complaining about how they didn’t lose 20 pounds, still have credit card debt and didn’t get to travel anywhere. But next year will totally be their year *insert eye roll here*

So what we will be doing in 2018?

How to beat a new years resolution

Drinking coffee.

Though really I think at this point in our lives that’s a given. But we are aiming to drink more coffee with more of our friends. 2017 was so hectic that we really didn’t get to spend enough time with our close friends.

Eat Well.

A three-month jaunt in South America was great for the soul. But not so much for the waistline and possibly our cholesterol levels. This year we are really taking some time to create, cook and eat some delicious and healthy food. Our plan is to take on a Just Eat Real Food (JEF) style of eating. More local produce, in-season produce and ol’ fashion home cooking. This will help us offset the usual amount of champagne, wine, and beer that we do like to indulge in.

Travel Often.

So far we’ve already completed a 5-day road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide via the Grampians. We don’t have any set destinations for 2018. Though we are open to invitations and suggestions. February will see at least one family camping trip (quick someone send wine). Otherwise, we’re always dreams of hiking in Tasmania or seeing a few shit hole countries.

Save money for travel

And finally, we are getting jobs.

Yes, the dreaded J-word. I’m hoping that my fellow blogger friends won’t cast me out forever for this. But sadly it’s the truth. South America, and especially Argentina, was a huge drain on our finances. More than what we had budgeted or anticipated. Delicious empanadas, asados every day and well the general travel thing cost us a small bucket load of money. So for the first half of 2018, James and I will be back to the daily grind. Previously I’ve taken on freelance work, short-term contracts and substituted money by offering my VA services and minor affiliate sales throughout the website.

2017 was a pretty epic year for us. We saw a lot, spent a lot and now need some down time to recover. Financially, emotionally and content wise. We still have thousands of photos to pick, edit and show you all. As well as some rather interesting stories from our adventures.

There might be a competition or two coming up soon as well. Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter for more details.



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