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​One small step for a blog, one giant step for a travel blogger – are we settling down in one spot for good?

For the past 12 months I’ve been asked roughly a million times if I miss the travel lifestyle, how I’m making money now that I can’t travel and generally a bucket load of questions that do nothing but add to the heartbreak. I soon found myself avoiding blogging, blogging events and even telling people that I was a blogger. Rather than hide in a cave of despair it was time for this travel blogger to pivot. To be aigle and to take control of my life in whatever way I could.

Settle Down Town

It’s hard to explain how odd a feeling it is in finally taking steps to settle down. No I’m not talking about marriage, children and a picket fence. With the year that we’ve all just had and are most likely going to continue having due to The Virus That Shall Not Be Named, it was time for James, Toby, Milly and I to find our own little space of happiness. Over the year that was 2020 with me working like mad at my full time office job we had saved up a little bit of coin towards a home deposit. Our timing, like the virus, wasn’t great and with a mass exodus happening from the cities to regional areas house prices have gotten crazy. So for the time being we have rented ourselves a sweet little three bedroom cottage in a small town.

One of the perks is having my very own room to furnish out as an office. A haven for content creation, creativity and most likely drinking a lot of coffee. Don’t forgot that I have an amazing podcast that I’ll soon be producing in this new space of mine. Why not go listen to Travels From The Kitchen Sink?


It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since we welcome Myrtle, Mabel and Mavis into our home. Over the past year our little chimken community has grown with the addition of rescue chooken Honky and in early 2021 the two polish ladies aka The PomPoms. After having my entire business ripped out from underneath me and finding myself stuck in regional Victoria as the rest of the state went into lockdown (and the world too) having chickens was a bizarre yet welcome distraction. And I think if I sat down and did the numbers I could confidently say that getting chickens was cheaper than the therapy I probably should have gotten.

Happy chickens

Time up glow up our new home.

I want to be super clear on this little point. I am not giving up my love of travel. I really do enjoy being a travel blogger. It’s more to me than just the exotic places I’ve gotten to go. There are the most wonderfully fun, friendly and humble people that I’ve met along the way and get to call my friends. I won’t lie there are a fair dose of jerks along the way. But I digress to my very basic point. I love travelling and as soon as those international borders open up again I’ll be on the road.

For now we need to glow up, glamorise and modernize our new little rental cottage. In 2017 we packed up our hodge podge home in Melbourne suburbia, sold stuff (really we gave away just about everything we didn’t need) and hit the road with an epic trip in South America. The past 4 years have been a beautiful blur of travels, camping adventures, working a basic 9-5 job and not buying adult things like home furniture. Which has bought us to this little issue. We are lacking a significant amount of seating space in our home. Unless visitors want to join us on a camping chair!

My current work station is our ol’ faithful camping table. My writing area is my Grandmother’s old lounge chair which is not comfortable at all but is full of memories. As you can see it’s all a little bit college student-esque. And it really is in need of a decent glow-up. I’ve been keeping my eye on some lovely couches and waiting for a nice little sofa sale to come up. Like many of you I’m much more a buy furniture and all the things online kinda person. I can’t stand the idea of walking through a million shops dealing with sales assistants who don’t care about my butt’s sofa desires. I don’t really have a fantastic eye for style so I’ve been following the lovely Jayne on her new adventure – Our Travel Home. The worst thing about this is that Jayne is based in the UK and so many of her stylish inspirational pieces I can’t get here in Australia.

Lounge room needs a sofa
Chickens in backyard

What steps are next?

I don’t really know. With Covid issues continuing around the world and winter on it’s way here in Australia I’m spending a lot of my time shopping online for furniture, home wares and those fun adult things. Our little cottage has a very adorable edible garden that needs some TLC and some new winter vegetables planted. I’ll be continuing to create amazing work for you here on domestic travel in Australia, keep pumping out the podcast and working with some amazing brands.

Who knows what fun adventures 2021 will bring us all…



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