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People wrongly assume that packing for your road trip is either ridiculously easy. Surely one just throws absolutely everything that one may need at any point in the history of forever into the car and off you chug. Ah no. Creating your road trip packing list and learning to abide by it will make your road tripping oh so much more pleasant.

Think more time for wine and less time for whining.

The Ultimate Basic Road Trip Packing List

This list assumes that you are car camping and not glamping for your road trip. Though if you and 24 friends are feeling like the ultimate level of luxury and glamping than you should just book yourself into this amazing GlampingHub Bruny Island retreat. Oh and  don’t forget to send me the details so I can come along too.

This list covers the ultimate bare basics of what you need to have a great road trip. Another assumption is that you have a car, insurance, a first aid kit and some great travel apps to keep you occupied.


A very basic need is a good tent. Personally, I love the Marmot three person tent. Even though it’s only the two of us I like to have the extra space for bags and the times were we take the dogs along with us. If you have a slightly larger car you could consider a pop-up tent. Making your campsite set up super fast and bouncy.

Sleeping equipment.

Ah sleep. It’s one of those amazingly vital things that we all need to do. This is an area where I do recommend that you spend a little bit more coin. There’s nothing worse than being cold, uncomfortable and awake at 2am wishing you were anywhere else. You’ll want a good quality sleep matt and a sleeping bag. For extra luxury, I like to pack a pillow. The joy of car camping is that I can bring my own regular pillow.

 Cook all the delicious foods

We travel with a large wooden box that literally has everything including the kitchen sink. You might not want to go to that level of crazy camping equipment. As a basic need, you’ll want a small gas stove top, coffee device, and a pot. As well as plate and cutlery to eat the foodies.

Campfire coffee is pretty spectacular if I do say so myself. Though it does take a bit of time to get the fire up and going, boil the water. Making your quick coffee into a good 30min ritual. You know the coffee making drill. By carrying a small stove top you can easily whip up a latte in no time. It’s also super convenient for quickly boiling water for washing dishes or really anything that needs to be heated up.

Treat yourself to glorious coffee every camp day.

Grab yourself a GSI insulated mug

Coffee. Tea. Coffee. It really doesn’t matter what you’re drinking. These insulated mugs are simply marvelous. They are on the larger side of life, meaning that they do quite easily double up as a bowel for breakfast.

Buy your GSI insulated mug today

A water bottle

Hydration is important. No matter if you are having a lazy weekend away or hiking a mountain. A good quality water bottle is a must.

Sunglasses & Sunscreen

Cause ain’t nobody got time for squinty eyed photos and burnt lips

Comfortable underwear

Actually comfortable clothes, in general, is a big plus. Worry less about fashion and think more about functionality. You’ll want to ensure that you have items to cover all weather situations, especially if you are road tripping in Australia.

Beach babe wear

Whether you’re off to the coast or into the wild rivers flowing through the mountains there’s no reason as to why you can’t wear your beach babe outfit. I love the Elsyian Swim range. Coupled with Moeloco flip flops it makes for super comfortable wear. Also, both these amazing Australian designed ranges are sustainable and ethical companies. Taking care of the earth and the little people who roam here.

Moeloco flipflops are great for an Australian road trip

Keeping it clean

Wet wipes, hand sanitizer, a towel and freshwater. All wonderfully small items which can keep the nasty bugs away. I’m a huge fan of the Sea to Summit body wipes.

Bag it up

It might seem a simple thing but a good quality, flexible bag is a lifesaver when you’re on the road. I use my CabinZero bag quite a lot when we aren’t flying. It’s the perfect size to fit a weeks worth of clothes, my toiletries, and my pillow. Also when I put a blanket over the bag it does turn into Milly’s favorite spot to sleep in the car.

CabinZero bags are amazing to use. Why not grab one today?

A few final things to remember. Your road trip doesn’t need to have your entire wardrobe, kitchen sink and enough things to give Santa’s elves envy. Keeping it simple is the best way to go when you’re considering the things that you want to take. The less things you take the less things you risk loosing.

To help you start your next road trip we’re running an amazing giveaway. Enter here right now for your chance to win a prize packing including a $200 AU GlampingHub gift voucher, CabinZero Bag, Elsyian Swim bikini set to the value of $170 and a pari of Moeloco flip flops.



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The Ultimate Basic Road Trip Packing List for your next adventure #travel #adventure #roadtrip #travelblog #explore
The Ultimate Basic Road Trip Packing List for your next adventure no matter what your style #travel #adventure #roadtrip #travelblog #explore


  1. Loved this list of essentials when camping! Will use this list the next time I go! Great Post!

  2. Oooh this is super helpful! Thanks so much.

  3. Great tips! I always feel overwhelmed with packing and take way too much stuff!

  4. Great list! The wet wipes are probably the most valuable thing I’ve ever taken on a road trip. Can’t imagine travelling without them these days!


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