Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city. For the seventh year in a row, which is easy to see why. Amazing coffee, amazing street art and let’s not forget the delish food and delightful culture. As well as some truly unique history. I love Melbourne.

As a Melburbian I’m rather partial to this wonderful city. Every morning on my walk to my now non-existent office job I used to love walking the streets and laneways between Southern Cross station and my office. Just about every day a new laneway or alley gave me a delightful surprise. Sometimes it was a new brothel that had popped up but more often than not I stumbled across a new cafe or as I like to call them – caffeine dealer.

In the spirit of sharing my early morning discoveries, I’m letting you in on you my top 5 Melbourne best keep coffee secrets for the early morning commuter.

Melbourne’s best kept coffee secrets.


Sutherland Lane Melbourne
$4 regular, $4.50 for large. No discount for BYO cup.

A long time favourite of ours Shortstop do the best donuts in all of Melbourne. And now Sydney too. How lucky is Sydney people? The donuts are made freshly on site and if you’re lucky enough you can get one warm out of the oven. Absolutely divine. But what is a donut without a coffee? A lonely snack. The team here have spent a lot of time researching the perfect pairing of coffee and donut delights. 

The cafe area is small but well worth a visit early in the morning to grab those warm fresh donuts and a delightful coffee. 

If you have a sweettooth like me then why not take a sugar filled staycation?

Shortstop donut Traveling Honeybird

Little Avenue des Italiano

428 Little Bourke St, Melbourne.
$4 for regular, $4.5 for large. No discount for BYO cup.

This place is hidden away in plain sight. Hidden behind a Telstra store and a relatively boring looking building. You’ll barely notice that it is a cafe as it’s so petite and pleasant. In all honesty, this cafe is immaculately designed and gives the customer a much needed 5 minutes of calm from the city mayhem.The staff are lovely and the coffee is amazing. Service is super fast in the morning. There’s also a range of delicious looking Italian pastries but when I was a morning commuter, I managed to resist the temptation.

Coffee Melbourne Traveling Honeybird
Coffee Melbourne Traveling Honeybird

Rapha Clubhouse, 32 Guildford Ln, Melbourne
$4 or $3.50 if you BYO cup.

Coffee and bikes? Ah yes please! Don’t look past this cafe. Once you get past the lycra clad snobs you’ll find two delightful baristas and some amazing coffee. This is the latest Rapha Clubhouse in Australia and oozes European charm. It’s clean cut, welcoming and open to all. Even though of us not in the lyrca parade. Half the fun of the coffee here is walking down Guildford Lane and exploring the latest street artwork.

Guildford Lane Street Art Melbourne

Cup of Truth

 12 Campbell Arcade Degraves St Subway Melbourne starting from $4

The truth is in the cup. Considering its location I’m surprised that more people don’t stop here for a caffeine fix. The staff are hilarious and make some of the best coffee in Melbourne. The service is super fast, no bullshit Australian charm. I’ve not included a photo of this stunning coffee hot spot because you need to go here yourself to see and believe in the wonder of the coffee. It’s no secret that the team here are slaying it on the coffee scene and have more awards than you can poke a stirring stick at.

Why not try a guided foodie tour of Melbourne and sink your teeth into some of the city’s best eateries?

Market Lane Coffee

 Deli, Queen Victoria Market – $4.50

Now there are two Market Lane’s at the Queen Vic Market. The best one, in my opinion, is outside of the market. It’s a small, yet vibrant cafe. The staff here are super lovely and take their coffee very seriously. You will see this on their faces as each gram of coffee is measured and extracted to near perfection. This isn’t a place to grab a quick latte. The staff really take their time making your coffee to perfection.

Market Lane Coffee Traveling Honeybird

Melbourne is amazing. There really is so much to see and do. Did you know that for a very short period of time Melbourne was officially known as Batmania? Seriously it was. But if you find yourself with coffee in hand and nothing to do, do yourself a favour and go on a self-guided street art adventure.

Disposable coffee cups are a huge issue in Melbourne and across the world. Perhaps today is the day that you decide to become a more sustainable traveller. Whenever possible we travel with a Keepcup. The above photos are taken on the days that I was daft and left mine at home.

Have you got a favorite caffeine dealer here in Melbourne town? Or maybe you prefer a tea? Let us know in the comments below.



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  1. I’m heading to Melbourne next week and I can’t wait to immerse myself in the coffee shop scene. Thanks for the great suggestions, I hardly know where to start. 😁

  2. I enjoy drinking coffee. I can not imagine a day without coffee 🙂
    The best coffee I’ve ever had has been in Melbourne.
    The strongest coffee (6 times stronger than average coffee), tastiest, full flavoured with a little bit of milk. I think everyone should try this very strong coffee 🙂

  3. Coffee shops are always so cute I make a point to visit one in my trips … even though i don’t really like coffee !! #Shame #Ididitforthegram !
    Thanks for sharing !!

  4. I love coffee, but try drinking Tea on most days. Coffee is usually reserved for weekends and i love going out to a nice cafe!.. Loved the notes for these coffee jaunts. Which one of these tops the list for you? 🙂

  5. Always good when you know where to get a good cup of coffee, some great spots here. The Rapha Clubhouse and area would be one I would head too – love street art!

  6. I’m not a big fan of coffee. However, I would love to visit the Guildford Lane for the street art. It looks so realistic!

  7. Of the main cities in Australia, I’ve only been to Brisbane and Sydney, but I remember the latter having an excellent cafe scene. I hear Melbourne’s is even better, and as a caffeine addict, would love to check it out firsthand!

  8. I love a decent cup of coffee, I won’t lie. The best coffee I’ve ever had has been in Colombia – but then South America is home to the coffee bean. I’ve yet to visit Australia, but when I do if I go to Melbourne I’ll definitely bear these places and tips in mind x

  9. I would love to visit Melbourne one day! I was very close to moving there at one point but sadly things changed and I couldn’t go! I’ll be sure to check these coffee places out when I finally get to visit. That place that sells coffee in a cone will be top of my list!

  10. Ohh! I was just in Melbourne last month. Such a nice city. I’m glad that they have a lot of coffee shops and not Starbucks! It made me wonder why though since I don’t think Australia produces coffee beans?

    Sadly, I never got to try the ones on this list 🙁

  11. I’m not a coffee person really, but can def see myself going into any of these shops and just enjoying Melbourne 🙂

  12. Gah! Where was this on my visit to Melbourne a couple years ago?! Loved the coffee scene but could have used some insight.

  13. You’v just made me miss Melbourne sooo much haha!! I loved just wondering and getting lost in the little lane-ways, although there is so much more to do in Melbs, I could spend days following one piece of street art to another, end up in a random place, sit at a tiny cafe for a coffee and keep wondering off 😀 AHHHH I NEED TO GO BACK HOME!! (I’m from England but AUS is where I class as home haha)

  14. well, i don;t drink coffee, but i will take your word for it, I will agree Melbourne has some of the best food I tasted and it def is a cool city. I’ll never forget it.

  15. ohh i was in Melbourne but couldn’t taste the coffee… very informative blog for coffee lovers

  16. Local coffee shops are my favorite places to visit while traveling! I always bring my own reusable coffee mug as well 🙂

  17. I like that you not only talk about the coffee but the atmosphere and staff as well. Most of time, the people are what makes a place memorable =)

  18. I’ve heard that Melbourne’s coffee scene is pretty legit. It sounds like all the prices are pretty fair too. I like that Ralpha gives you a discount for bringing in your own cup too! Sustainable!

  19. I absolutely love this post because I’m gonna need it when I travel! I’m a coffee addict and I’m very very fussy about my coffee! I loved the coffee in New Zealand so I’m not surprised that they have some really good coffee in Australia as well. It’s essential for me to start my day with coffee or you’ll see a very disgruntled me throughout the day 😀

  20. Didn’t know that Melbourne had such a coffee culture! Is it the whole country of specifically Melbourne?

    PS: the street artworks are fabulous!

  21. Coffee is a staple in my diet! When we travel, I always make it a point to visit a local coffee shop. If they make homemade donuts, even better!

  22. Never been to Melbourne but I am absolutely obsessed with coffee! Definitely makes me want to hop on a plane and go check out all the coffeeshops!

  23. I’d definitely opt for the one with the hilarious staff. Caffeine and laughter and I’d be set for the day.

  24. I love coffee! And I love Melbourne as well so this is the perfect combination!! Thanks for the coffee recommendation! I am definitely returning to Melbourne so will take note of these places 🙂 Haven’t been to Guildford Lane yet but it seems pretty cool!

  25. This is a great comprehensive list! I recently moved up to the country and I miss proper Melbourne coffee so much 🙁 This has me drooling!

  26. Coffee’s one of those universal things that everyone seems to understand but every place has their own twist. Love the idea of learning about Melbourne through its coffee spots!

  27. Coffee is my one true love! And all of these places sound so good!! I’ll have to head over to the other side of the world now 😀


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