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We’re all about eating well, traveling often and drinking coffee. Isn’t that what life is all about?  Whether we are climbing a mountain, scooting around an airport lounge or long road trips with friends and family.

We know that life is better in our great outdoors and that today is the best day to do this. Just like a honeybird we value taking photos, only leaving footprints and being culturally aware of the communities that we travel within all whilst drinking coffee and champagne.

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Travel Apps That Have Change How We Travel

Travelling is a beautiful and wonderful way to see and experience the world. It certainly beats sitting at home and watching another David Attenborough documentary. For some it's a glamorous and regular thing and for others a rare treat to escape from life. Over the...

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Next Stop – Tasmania!

Tasmania is Australia's last piece of true wilderness and raw beauty. The final frontier. A small island off our bigger island nation that offers the avid traveller just about any pleasure that you could ask for. Plentiful in nature, internationally acclaimed food,...

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Amazing Authors To Take On Your Next Adventure

The act of travelling is in fact rather boring. Some may fall into the dreamy world of it’s not the destiny it’s the journey. In all honesty there are parts of the journey on the way to your destination that are bland, boring and usually not written about. It’s the...

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