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We’re all about eating well, traveling often and drinking coffee. Isn’t that what life is all about?  Whether we are climbing a mountain, scooting around an airport lounge or long road trips with friends and family.

We know that life is better in our great outdoors and that today is the best day to do this. Just like a honeybird we value taking photos, only leaving footprints and being culturally aware of the communities that we travel within all whilst drinking coffee and champagne.

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The horse riding haven hidden away in Pucon

Hidden away in the hills of Pucon, Chile, lies a horse riding haven. A safe place where all riders, from beginners to experts, can find themselves in a world of horse happiness. When most people start considering Pucon, as an adventure town, they generally think about...

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Experiencing estancia life at Los Potreros

Rolling hills, galloping gauchos, bellowing cows, wild horses running amok around this magnificent part of Argentina. These are just a few of the images that are evoked in the imagination of travellers when they think about the wondrous things that they will...

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Dealing with travellers tummy

Everybody poops. It’s a basic fact of life. And one of the more curious body functions that the average travellers spends far more time investigating then what any of us would like to admit. No matter how hardy a traveller you claim to be at some point in time you...

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