Welcome to our little nesting place, Traveling Honeybird.

We’re all about eating well, traveling often and drinking coffee. Isn’t that what life is all about?  Whether we are climbing a mountain, scooting around an airport lounge or long road trips with friends and family.

We know that life is better in our great outdoors and that today is the best day to do this. Just like a honeybird we value taking photos, only leaving footprints and being culturally aware of the communities that we travel within all whilst drinking coffee and champagne.

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Common Travel Fails

Common Travel Fails That You’re Going To Make Travelling is a complex little activity that we do. There’s so many turning wheels, clunky clogs and generally things that can go oh so terribly wrong. Even the humble road trip can turn into an overwhelming disaster. It...

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Simple Steps To Becoming A Sustainable Traveller

There are some really simple steps to becoming a sustainable traveller. Sadly our desire to see the world, do all the things, eat the things and generally be amazing human beings does come at a cost to the planet. One that is avoidable to a certain extent if we're...

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Simple Tips and Tricks to Cure Travel Sickness

As a child, I travelled a lot in the passenger seat of a car with my dad. I was a reader. Head down, pages turning and literally the world away from the lonely road as the miles flew by. It got to the point that my parents had to stop buying me books for long road...

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