Welcome to our little nesting place, Traveling Honeybird. We’re all about eating well, traveling often and drinking coffee. Isn’t that what life is all about?  Whether we are climbing a mountain, scooting around an airport lounge or long road trips with friends and family.

We know that life is better in our great outdoors and that today is the best day to do this. Just like a honeybird we value taking photos, only leaving footprints and being culturally aware of the communities that we travel within all whilst drinking coffee and champagne.

Take yourself on a journey on our Travel Tales page and you’ll find yourself immersed in our adventures around Australia and the world.

For inspiration and ideas our Travel Quotes have you covered.

Thank you for taking the time to join us on this journey.



Jean is a…

Chapter Leader- Travel Massive Melbourne Brand Ambassador - Gondwana Outdoor Wear & Rainbird Clothing Native content creator Travel influencer Coffee Nerd

About Me!

Coffee nerd | Travel addict | Horse Rider |Adventure Racer | Donut Dame | Snow Bunny | All said and done a generally nice lady who enjoys wine, cheese, indie movies & random dance parties in my tent.

Currently in- Melbourne, Australia

Next stop- Return to the Philippines

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Oops! I made a travel mistake

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A little bit of relaxing in Little River, New Zealand

Blink and you will miss this hidden gem. Well hidden in plain sight that you will drive right on by on the road from Christchurch to Akaroa. There’s a small, delightful town called Little River. Which hosts no river and is of questionable size.… Read the...
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Next stop- the Gold Coast, Australia!

Next stop is a place I’ve never been to before. A place that many young Australians go to. A place full of fake boobs, bad tattoos and gluten free donuts. What magical land am I off to? The Gold Coast. Commonly touted as Australia’s own Bali/Ibiza.…...
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Travellers Tale- Part 2- The Joy of Flying Qantas

I love flying and traveling in general. Which is one of the many reasons that I’m here. I love trying out new airlines, new destinations, new food. I’m sure that you get the image. I love being an adventurer. As travellers we all know that some days the...
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