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Women are kicking ass in the travel blogging world. There’s no doubt about this. In celebration of International Women’s Day we are presenting you with – 2018’s Most Amazing 18 Female Travel Bloggers. This is the third year running that we’ve taken the time out to celebrate the travel ladies who rock our world.

Now you might be wondering how these female identifying ladies came to find themselves on this illustrious list. Well it’s an algorithm more complex than the latest Instagram update. More secretive then your Nana’s Snapchat account and generally a rather difficult task. Each year we look at women who are all round fantastic influencers. These travel blogging ladies are great to connect with in real life and on those ever so important social medias. Think the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram kind realm. But most important the women listed here are generally nice lady travellers with a decent side serve of sass. Just the way we like it. You’ll find that the lady bloggers listed below are raw, honest and transparent in their writings and actions. There’s no blogger gate happening here. Just amazing women, having amazing adventures and being well fucken awesome.

Just to be clear – There is no way to buy yourself into this list. Though thank you to the 76, yes I went back and counted, ladies who asked to be included over the past 12 months. This isn’t a list in which we have asked people to nominate themselves. The first time these female bloggers will discover that they are on this list is when we flick them a lady crush email. No these are ladies that are amazing based purely on their own merits. This isn’t a “sexiest” list either. We’re not here to objectify these women based on their age or perceived sexuality.

So why an all-female list? Well, it isn’t exactly the easiest travelling as a lady and today is International Women’s Day! Not to mention that there’s comfortable underwear considerations, safety concerns whether you’re in London, Melbourne or anywhere in between. And let’s not forget the sexual health considerations too.

Each of the women listed below is incredibly sexy word smith, as sassy as your cat when you try to take a selfie and is a kick ass travel blogger in her own right.

2018’s Most Amazing 18 Female Travel Bloggers.

Brittany K, The Sweet Wanderlust

Travel, desserts and the sweetest Southern Belle you’ll ever get to meet. This is a match made in sugar filled heaven. Brittany is uber cute in her writing and photos. The Sweet Wanderlust chronicles her journey as she searches for the world’s best desserts and greatest adventures. Warning Brittany does have a lot of #foodporn on her Instagram account. You’ve be warned.

Tara P, Where Is Tara? 

A hobbit raised by leprechauns who’s addicted to ice coffee. Tara is certainly my kinda woman. She’s also a wonderfully kind, generous and knowledgeable traveller and can legally sell you drugs. You’ll most likely find her floating around Ireland in between speaker gigs.

Sara McCleary, Belly Rumbles

A Sydney-based food and travel blog. From humble beginnings as an online diary, Belly Rumbles has continued to grow and evolve into one of Sydney’s most consistent and well known single-voice food and travel blogs. Sara’s blog takes you on a culinary adventure. She’s also up for answering any I stuffed up this cake questions.

Anje from Going Somewhere Slowly is a top female travel blogger

Anje, Going Somewhere Slowly

Anje is a South African based blogger. Writting for her own website, Going Somwhere Slowly, and quite a few national and international publications Anje shows us how to tackle the road, enjoy eating in a poo themed cafe and generally how to enjoy life no matter what lemons are thrown at you.

Congrats to Anje for making this list for the third time.

Jayne, Girl Tweets World

Jayne has such a delightful subtle Brittishness about her blog. A recent recruit to the coffee drinking Melbourne lifestyle. Jayne is by farm one of the friendliest ladies I’ve been fortunate enough to have met on Twitter and connected with at my very first TBEX. She’s openly candid about making her life work as a freelancer and provides brilliant guidance for those wishing to step away from the 9-5 corporate life and embrace the coffee infused freelance life style.

Jayne from Girl Tweets World is an amazing female blogger
Aj from Aroamatherapy

Amanda, ARoamerTherapy

Amanda has a very unique outlook on life. Taking each slap in the face with a piece of pie like it’s the norm. You’ll find her blog filled with unfiltered personal travel stories, along with a good dose of tips and advice to help you stay sane and out of hospitals while on the road. Cause staying out of hospital is kinda a good idea.

Paula, Contented Traveller

Paula is like a breath of fresh air, that comes off a hot fast-paced hurricane. She’s utterly delightful, enthusiastic and nothing at all like what one would expect from a grey nomad. Because she’s as far from a  grey nomad as you can get.

Ling, Travel-Ling

Ling is a little pocket rocket of hilarious. I’ve never seen so many photos of Spain and Game of Thrones filming locations, presented in such a beautiful way. Ling takes her readers on an adventure through the world as she sees it. There’s also a lot of delicious Spainish food on the blog & Insta account. Enjoy!

Vicki, Make Time To See The World

Have you made time to see the world? Let Vicki show you how simple it really is. Vicki has some of the most simple adn stunning photography that you’ll ever see. With comprehensive guides, packing list and a little bit of Brittish sass you’ll soon be packing your bags and buying that flight to go see the world.

Vicki Make Time to see the world
Erin from Explore with Erin

Erin, Explore with Erin

You may be familiar with this face. Erin has recently taken on a life-changing moment and settled back down in Melbourne. Now she’s spending her days sipping lattes, playing school run mum to the kids and relearning what it means to be a digital nomad that it well no longer a nomad. How does an abnormal family fit into a normal world?

Gemma, Two Scots Abroad

As the name suggest Gemma is one half of Two Scots Abroad. You’ll find their website oozing with generous and useful advise and a very Scottish flair.

Gemma Two Scots Abroad

Taylor, Taylor’s Tracks

Taylor is hilariously fun on Snapchat. A Canadian with a curiosity for cultures, a bad ear for languages, and taste buds that love sweet over spicy. She’s currently learning and sharing all of her embarrassing mistakes and how to avoid them so we don’t make the same ones.

Nana, Patagonia Dreaming

Nana is currently living my dream life. Living and breathing the wonders of Patagonia. Exploring both the Chilean and Argentinan side. If I could swap places with any lady on this list it would be with Nana. Complimented by amazing photos Nana’s blog as the most up to date and comprehensive information on all things Patagonia.

Toni from Enchanted Serendipity

Toni, Enchanted Serendipity

Toni takes you on some of the most wonderful journeys to places where some of our favourite films and tv shows have been filmed. It’s a rather fun way to see the world in a totally different light.

Annette, From Annette with Love

A self-proclaimed Fat Girl, Annette is a staunch supporter of the Body Positive Movement. Previously from a fashion background, and when you see her amazing array of lipstick colours you’ll see why, she’s now on the move showing the world that whilst no two travellers have the same experience we are on the same planet doing our thing.

Bec Wyld Family Travel

Bec, Wyld Family Travel

So not only is Bec a kick-ass female travel blogger herself, she’s currently raising two mini-me versions of herself. Bec is 1/4 of the family that is the Wyld family. Showing the world that you don’t need to live in the big city, with big city jobs to take your kids around the world to experience what’s on offer.

Alesha, Nomadasaurus

Alesha is one part of the duo over at Nomadasaurus. She’s also the one most likely to be behind the lense. If you’ve seen her work, especially on Instagram, you’ll see why I have a lady crush on Alesha. Super nice, super talented and a whole lot of fun.

Alesha from Nomadasaurus
Shandos from Travelnuity

Shandos, Travelnuity

Shandos has shown us how easy it can be to travel with a dog. I love watching where Shandos and Schnitzel go and what they get up to. Schnitzel is such a little character and Shandos happily deals with all his moods, tantrums and recently a long term injury.

And there you have it! We’re done. So there it is for another year. A list of wonderful women that you really should be checking out right about now. We do just want to say that this list in no way is a comprehensive list. It’s merely a glimpse into the travel community and a small recognition of some wonderful women doing some wonderful work, under sometimes some very shitty circumstances. Don’t forget to check out the 2017 list. There are so many more ladies out there who are rocking this globe. However, we did have to stop at 18 as well it’s a 2018 list. Symmetry my friends.Symmetry.

Do you feel as if I’ve left anyone off this list? Let me know in the comments below. Now don’t be a dick and try to nominate yourself.



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2018 most amazing female travel and lifestyle bloggers
2018’s Most Amazing 18 Female Travel Bloggers that you need to be reading right now


  1. ❤️ I love Nana. ❤️

  2. Thanks so much for including me! Hoping to meet more of these amazing women in person this year 🙂

  3. What an awesome list! I read several of these ladies’ blogs already, but now I’ve got a whole bunch of others to check out! 🙂

  4. This is so sweet!

    Good for you to give a shout out to so many inspiring ladies. Most of these are new to me, so I better get reading!! <3

  5. Glad to meet some more travel lovers like me.

  6. Love this! I haven’t had a chance to read many of these ladies’ blogs so it’s always great to discover new ones, especially if you have met many of them and can vouch for their authenticity!

  7. Thank you so much for including me. What a surprise! And a great list of women to be featured next to. See you soon!

  8. Aw cheers for the inclusion, honoured to be selected from the hundreds of potential candidates!

    I met Tara, Taylor + Alesha last year + concur – they awesome.

  9. Why I am not here? Haha. Just kidding. Wonderful list. Will check those blogs out.

    • Well for starters you haven’t even used your real name….

  10. These are all amazing ladies and glad I was able to see this! I want to check them all out!

  11. That’s interesting to know all the above 18 bloggers. All are specific in their own way. I wish I could nominate myself 😉 [kidding]

    • Oh even suggesting that gives you a black mark against you 😉

  12. It is a good list but it is not possible to cover all amazing ladies in one post.

  13. Always exciting to get introduced to bloggers I haven’t stumbled across before .. especially fellow Brits. So great that you’ve met many of these in person, I’ve made some great virtual friends that I’ve eventually met later down the line … isn’t the internet great!?

  14. I have such an admiration for female bloggers, entrepreneurs, solo travelers and just women. SOOOO bad ass love it!

  15. Jayne is awesome! I love this post! Thanks for putting this up as i have learned new faces in this big blogging world. Rock on, ladies!

  16. Thanks for sharing some personal stories about these ladies! So often we just find bloggers online and don’t really know the REAL person behind the screen. I love how you’ve been able to meet these awesome bloggers in real life!

  17. Honestly, I didn’t think your list was diverse.
    Also you left out so many great female bloggers.
    Gloria from GloGlraphics (IG) .. her blog is theblogabroad is amazing. Her captions alone are enough to entertain you for days. She doesn’t sugar coat life as a blogger or traveling etc. Anyways check out her IG or blog when you get a chance.

    • Hi Lindsey,

      Thanks for letting me know about Gloria. I’ll be sure to check her out. As mentioned above this list is hand-picked, with many of the women listed are whom I’ve also met in real life. With so many amazing women doing amazing things there’s no way to cover them all in a simple 18 person list.

    • I LOVE gloria!

    • Hi Lindsey, I’m not familiar with everyone above but I definitely know Tara, Taylor + Alesha don’t sugar coat blogging either. Hard grafters who deserve the recognition.

      If you like IG you should check out the queen of Stories @whereistarablog – she’s very entertaining! Also @girlunspotted for even more sass.

      Happy international women’s day, love that we can support each other in an industry where no one wants to pay us.

    • I agree with the need for greater diversity. There are a lot of diverse travel bloggers doing amazing work. Not just white women. Jetsersarah or Kesi to and fro are just a couple.


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