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Australia is a vast island with oh so much on offer. From the mountains to forests to the sea here are 5 simple reasons to pack your bags and visit Australia today!

So why come to Australia to live/work/holiday?

It’s hard to really explain to people why you should take the time to come and visit Australia. I know this sounds like a bit of a cop out but it’s the truth. With such a vast landscape Australia boasts beaches, mountains, deserts and desserts. Really I think that if you’ve come to Australia and can;t find something to make you happy then perhaps you are simply a miserable person who will never truly to be satisfied by anything that life has to offer you.

Amazing Abundance of Wildlife.

No not all of the wildlife is going to try and kill you.

Bearded Dragon

Amazing Architecture

From our cities to our teeny tiny country towns you can read Australia’s history on the faces of her buildings.

University of Adelaide
Sydney, Australia

Beautiful Beaches

Let us not forget that Australia is an island nation. We are literally surrounded by stunningly beautiful beaches.

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia

Magical Mountains

If you’re less of a beach babe and prefer to hike up the side of a mountain than Australia is the place for you. We have amazing mountains just waiting to be climbed. Or in the winter time skied down.

Grampians, Victoria Australia
Camping in snow
Hiking in Mountains Australia

Curious Culinary Choices

No body puts a shrimp on the barbie. Unless it is in the literal sense where we place a prawn on a barbie doll, take photos and share amongst our friends. Australia has a wonderful multicultural history which is keenly reflected in our food. We’re a food loving nation.

These really are just a few simple little fun things to tease and tempt you with to come Down Under. If you have been to Australia and have any suggestions let us know in the comments below. Have any questions on what to see and who to eat? Ask away!


  1. The one point I can’t really agree with is the ‘history’ reason. We live in Australia, but historical sites in Europe, Latin America, and SE Asia date so much further back. Australia is simply a ‘new nation’, and the older Aboriginal history was only passed on by word of mouth.

    • Australia has a very unique history which is utterly fascinating. Just because European settlement doesn’t go back a thousand years doesn’t make Australia’s history any less interesting or important. The Indigenous history may have been passed on orally but again this doesn’t make it any less interesting or important.

  2. It’s so true! There are so many gorgeous reasons to visit Australia. I’ve gone twice and am planning the big trip for my third. I love it.

  3. I’m curious as to the culinary scene there. “Funland at the Beach” is a Dead Kennedys song!

    • Oh I have no idea who the Dead Kennedys are…

      • Jean, you’re missing out. Check out Holiday in Cambodia!

  4. I’ve not yet visited Australia so this is a great post for me to read. I’m not a beach person (or babe) so the hiking option is perfect for me. Your photos of the animals are great, super clear and detailed. The food looks great in Australia too, as expected. I’m almost persuaded to go!

  5. Reminds of wonderful my own country is. Love the photos. I know there so much more to see

  6. Such beautiful architecture, stunning beaches and yummy food. Who wont want to go to Australia. It is no doubt on my wish list at almost the top

  7. My husband is Aussie from Woolongong so I am blessed to go to Australia often and will soon have dual citizenship with Canada. The wildlife are my favourite in the whole world to the point hubby made me a koala shaped birthday cake this year for my special day. The beaches are gorgeous and the architecture is stunning. I hope to explore more of this beautiful country when I am back. My bucket list includes Uluru, Tassie, the Pink Lake in Perth, and Adelaide 🙂

    • Tasmania is amazing!

  8. I have never been to Australia! I would simply want to get there to pet the kangaroos! Though honestly, the barrier reef is the highest on my list!

  9. you had me at the first picture of the koala!! And everything that follows was great too. Australia is definitely high on the list and the animals are the main reason, but those beaches, and scenery. hard to beat that!

  10. Twist my arm! Australia is on deck for my 2018 travels & will likely be the last continent I check off my bucket list! Mountains, ocean & wildlife..sound perfect to me! 🙂

  11. I don’t think anyone ever needed to read this to be convinced to visit Australia. But you have pleaded your case and it is a good reminder of what beauty awaits when you visit this country. I would love to explore more of what Australia has to offer especially the food. I heard it has one of the best culinary choices around!!

    • We have some truly amazing food here! It’s so crazy delicious

  12. I’ve never been to Australia but it’s in my wishlist! The abundance of wildlife is enough reason for me to visit Australia! The stunning beaches are just the perfect icing on the cake!

  13. I’ve been to Sydney and Melbourne so i’m all sold on visiting Australia as there is so much more that I do want to visit there. The Gold Coast remains to be seen and unlike last time would also love to have a drive holiday. The one thing that I am scared of in Australia though are the creepy-crawlies especially spiders.

  14. Not everyone has blonde hair? And the country isn’t overrun by spiders? What is this place? Before I got here, I viewed Australia through the stereotype perpetuated on American tv…. now, I appreciate the variety of food, activities and culture that I can enjoy in this great country!



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5 Simple Reasons to Pack Your Bags and Visit Australia