A fine Sunday can be immensely improved with good food, even better wine and the company of a beloved one. Throw in a 7 course degustation, accompanied with wine, all located on the splendid 89th floor of the Eureka Tower in South Melbourne and surely you are in for an afternoon delight!

We recently dropped by Eureka 89 to experience a very relaxed Sunday afternoon session. Though does one really drop by a fine dining venue on the 89th floor? No, one does not. One must have a confirmed booking, be appropriately attired and ready to be wined and dined to your hearts content.

Disclaimer: We were guests of Eureka89. Though not a single soul in the venue from the numerous waiting staff over topping our sparkling water to the manager knew this and we do feel that we received the exact same treatment that any full paying guest would receive.

Upon Arrival Please Follow the Red Carpet

Bookings here are essential. I can’t stress this enough. Once you have your confirmed booking be sure to arrive a few minutes before hand. Upon arrival please follow the red carpet to where a lovely staff member is here to welcome you, hand you a guest pass and escort you to the lift. Here another staff member happily helps you to the 88th floor – Eureka Sky Deck. And yet again another staff member will sneak you off to a secretive elevator to go up to level 89.

Eureka89 Dining Review || Traveling Honeybird
Eureka89 Dining Review || Traveling Honeybird
Eureka89 Dining Review || Traveling Honeybird
Eureka89 Dining Review || Traveling Honeybird

A Table With a View & First Impressions

Despite how hard I may have tried there’s simply no way to not be impressed by the view presented. The restaurant is bathed in soft lightening and well presented staff are swiftly walking around delivering dishes, topping up wines and generally looking fabulous.  The restaurant boasts ceiling to floor windows. Even in the bathrooms. Which can be a bit disconcerting when you first walk in.

After making our way up and around we are promptly shown to our table, with views out towards the MCG, for two by a lovely staff member. Who then disappears and is never sighted again. Never fear as a grown woman I have no issue placing my handbag and coat on a decorative stool next to me and James was easily able to place his jacket behind him on the chair. Though we are adults who can do this it was rather odd to over hear the staff taking and returning other guests personal items throughout the afternoon.

Rookie mistake number 1 -As we were really just looking forward to excellent food, even better wine and the joy of our own company I failed to talk up why we were there. As experienced reviewers we never drop the Don’t You Know Who I Am Card. Our pleasant server ( who will remain anonymous as they can’t be here to defend themselves and really they were lovely) made small talk with us and asked what the special occasion was – which I just mentioned we were out for a nice meal on a Sunday afternoon. In hindsight I should have declared and profusely lied that it was a birthday celebration. Or maybe a very romantic anniversary.My off handed remarked seemingly set the mood for our table for the rest of the afternoon.

And then there was the Water Gate incident. I like sparkling water. James likes still water. It’s really no issue at all. Until our server asked and we both replied with our respective choices at the exact same time. Our server quickly jumped in with a comment on she’s the boss, sparkling it is.

Eureka89 Dining Review || Traveling Honeybird
Eureka89 Dining Review || Traveling Honeybird
Eureka89 Dining Review || Traveling Honeybird
Eureka89 Dining Review || Traveling Honeybird

Thankfully we were able to brush this silly comment off and dive into drinking wine that promptly arrived and eating the now delivered warm bread and butter. Warm, fluffy and tasty bread. A saviour out of a socially awkward moment.

7 Fine and Fun Courses

Over the next three or so hours we chatted, marvelled and found ourselves lost in our own minds looking down at the little ant people. as 7 fine and fun courses came across our table. Sadly I can’t recite or be exactly sure what we ate as the varied staff flew in, dropped a plate mumbled out what we were to enjoy and off they flew! there was a variety of plates, some in find condition and others clearly needing to be replaced.

In no particular order or exact description here’s what we ate;

Warm bread and butter followed by;

  • Salmon
  • Scampi with champagne bubbly bits
  • Cauliflower Custard
  • Duck
  • Flinders Island Lamb
  • Pre dessert – cheese or apple crumble
  • Chocolate Parfait

Favourite dish – Flinders Island Lamb (pictured on right).

Least favourite dish – Apple & rhubarb crumble. This dish had a certain Heston-esque flair about it. There was no crumble and the apple pieces were seemingly freeze dried.

We couldn’t find a single fault with the food that was served and devoured. It was near impossible to choose a least favourite dish. I feel like a bad mother trying to tell you that I don’t have a favourite child and that I love you all equally. The chef has done a wonderful job of pairing together some truly unique ingredients and presenting them in a most delightful way. All in all giving you a wonderful experience of the delight of Australian fresh produce. Compliments must also be paid to the sommelier who has painstakingly or taken great pleasure in pairing wines with each ever changing dish.

Eureka89 Review || Traveling Honeybird
Eureka89 Review || Traveling Honeybird
Eureka89 Review || Traveling Honeybird
Eureka89 Review || Traveling Honeybird

Cancel the Coffee

I always say that it is a most wonderful achievement if you can find bad coffee in Melbourne. As Melbourne is literally world famous for fabulous coffee. Sadly we discovered that this is indeed a thing that happens in my most beloved home town. It seemed only fitting that we should finish off our wonderful afternoon delight with a coffee each. That was until the steaming hot, burnt and undrinkable coffee arrived. I can only assume that as the afternoon was getting on the more experienced staff had left for the day and the newer trainee staff members where left to their own devices. Brownie points for trying! If you do feel like a hot beverage after your meal then I’d suggest a tea.

Putting On Your Fancy Pants

Eureka89 did at one point have a dress code. Since our Sunday afternoon this clause has been removed from their website. Again I was left wondering if we would have had a difference experience had we gone on an evening. There was an abundance of tee shirts, ripped jeans and generally a casual wear feeling to the guests in attendance. Not wanting to risk being refused entry I was in a dress and James wore a shirt. So just incase you should dress a wee bit fancy.

Can Children Attend Eureka89?

Sadly – yes if accompanied by an adult. There is no special children’s menu and there is an expectation that your child will act like a sober adult in an adult venue. Why sadly? Well I do believe that there are certain things in life that should be child free. This is one of those things.

Where is Eureka89?

Eureka89 is located within the Eureka Tower, Southbank. The Eureka Tower is a 297.3-metre (975 ft) skyscraper! So just a little building hidden away you know. Construction began in August 2002 and the exterior completed on 1 June 2006. The plaza was finished in June 2006 and the building was officially opened on 11 October 2006.

Final Thoughts

Eureka89 offers a unique and pleasant dining experience. There are no complaints about the quality or inventive design of each dish that was delivered. Alongside with delightfully well matched wines. It certainly is a lovely venue for that special occasion with that special someone.

Have you been to Eureka89 or would you like to go? Let us know in the comments below?



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Sunday Afternoon Delight at Eureka89 || Traveling Honeybird


  1. travellingslacker

    hmm… 89th floor… that’s quite something. The views must be great from the top.
    Hope they improve their coffee but the food otherwise look really exotic and well-presented.

  2. rhiydwi

    As a server in a kind of fancy restaurant myself, I can’t help but wonder how nobody twigged why you there and treated you like royalty! If ever we have the tiniest suspicion someone is a guest of “the upstairs” or reviewer, we pull of our socks and polish off the crystal glasses quick sharp!

    This looks like an amazing place to eat though! Not sure I could handle 7 courses, but those views alone would be worth it!

    • Jean

      No one picked up who we were at all! The courses were delicious but tiny. So no risk of over indulging!

  3. meghana28

    This looks like a perfect place to celebrate something special ! im so tempted

  4. businesstravelerswife

    The food looks lovely but I might not be fully satisfied with the amount of each course, especially if it tastes as good as it sounds. It looks like a great place to celebrate special occasions.

  5. La Vida Viva Travel

    Sounds like it’s a venue with a lot of potential but could be a hit or miss depending on the crowd (i.e. If there are lots of kids) haha. Disappointing to hear about the coffee too, but you’re right, could have just been poor timing. I’m in Melb next week so might have to check it out.

  6. Daisy

    Looks like a really romantic getaway! I understand why the restaurant would forgo its dress code, but I’d be kind of sad if I had spent the big buck at a place where I’d expect to see everyone upholding the atmosphere, only to find ripped jeans 🙂 But regardless, its the view that counts! And the food looks delicious

  7. Gareth

    You are right, that does look like a great way to spend the afternoon! Certainly, the food looks fabulous although really the view is what really makes the occasion, even if perhaps, my vertigo wouldn’t agree! Too bad about the coffee but good to know that it didn’t spoil what is truly a spectacular place to enjoy a meal

  8. One Tech Traveller

    I think Eureka 89 looks like a great place to stay at when i eventually get round to visiting South Melbourne. The food looks great and as you mentioned, making it for a special occasion can make the experience a bit more special 😉 great read!

  9. Bhushavali

    Wow! That’s one awesome restaurant with a view! Reminds me of the TV Sphere restaurant in Berlin. Too bad the coffee was miserable! The chocolate parfait looks too yummm….

  10. sherianne

    I love that you were honest about your experience and if I ever make it there I will ask for fresh coffee!

    • Jean

      Oh we are very honest here. But in all seriousness don’t ask for the coffee!!

  11. shennamariz

    Those cuisines are a must try. I am hungry now looking at those photos and what an amazing view from the top wih good food and good wine :))

  12. Anita

    I love dining with a view, an amazing view. I think the food is a little too find dining for my taste buds but it sure looked delicious. I would have attempted the fake celebration as well 😉

  13. Ticking the Bucketlist

    I wish this place was child free… i wouldn’t to be here on my anniversary and be surrounded by wailing kids! The food looks lovely … fingers crossed for good vegetarian food as well! Pity the coffee was terrible 😞

    • Jean

      Thankfully no kids when we went. They do vegetarian food if advised in advance

  14. The Nowherian Daughter

    What a great way to spend a Sunday! Good food, wine and company make it extra special. I fully agree that some places, like this one, should be child free! Sadly, many kids today have absolutely no training 🙁

  15. Morgan Certner

    Looks fancy with an amazing view! And that chocolate cake. Can I join you next time?! xx Morgan


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