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Camping as a woman is a marvellous adventure. It’s a perfect time to disconnect from the world, turn off the iPhone and forget all about Instagram. Even the female friendly male scientists are now telling us how beneficial getting out into the Wild is. Because your vagina has stopped you from realising this until now. Despite the literally hundreds of amazing adventure women that have been conquering this earth for the last thousands of years.
Anyway this feminist digresses. Camping and mountain time really is one of my favourite times. I’ve always been inclined to spend more time outdoors then in. Then society got in the way and told me that I should be more concerned about my hair, getting a bikini wax and learning life’s lesson from middle aged white men in dodgy corporate casual attire.

Again apologies for the digression. In all seriousness as a female camper/hiker/adventure lady I do cope a lot of slack from the general community. There is open disbelief that I enjoy this past time, that I’m not desperate to start a baby factory and that yes I can do it regularly and that it’s an affordable adventure. I do admit that over the years I have spent significant money on good quality gear that James and I have spent hours, actually most likely days if we added it all on, researching the right items for the right purpose. I get hangry and turn into a vicious bitch if I’m cold and miserable.

Camping Is  A Cheap Way to Adventure.

Over all camping is an affordable and cheap way to adventure. It’s a great way to explore a new area, get your fill of wanderlust and not necessarily need to board a plane for a short vacation. Generally speaking our big expenses for camping are – petrol, cheese and generally food treats as we go full gourmet. Even when we are doing an overnight hike the special treats are packed along. At the most we can do a long weekend away for less then $200. Around $90 of that is in fuel for our car.

As mentioned above we have spent considerable funds over the years in buying good quality gear. Tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag. I always feel that as long as you are warm and dry you can still have a good time. Once the initial purchases have been made then you have gear for life! Extra tip – outdoor gear is always on sale somewhere at some point in time. If you’re not in a rush just keep an eye out of the outdoor stores online. Sign up to newsletter and see what comes your way.

Camping in Mongolia || Traveling Honeybird

Purchase a Pee-Rag

Yes this is a thing. No I’m not joking. There’s nothing worse then being on a hike and the flutter of butterflies and birds is all you desire and instead your hot footing it around used, free ranging toilet paper that’s tumbling down the track. I get it that toilet paper is a comfort from home. I’m a huge fan of three ply. But does your lady bits really need that all the time? Nope really. You can do the shake but I prefer the pee-rag. A pee rag is a small piece of fabric that you use to give yourself a little dab after peeing to dry those lingering couple of drops. The pee rag is then conveniently strapped to the outside of your pack, or to the top of your kayak or canoe, to dry and disinfect through exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

The most common pee-rag is a cotton bandana. Just don’t forget to wash it along the way!

Forest freedom || Traveling Honeybird

Pooping in the Forest

Some friends of mine declare that this is their second favourite part of going on an overnight hike or camping adventure. Each to their own I say! But it’s a fact of life that we just can’t avoid. Everybody poops. When you take yourself off to visit the forest people make sure you dig a sufficient hole in the ground. I rarely carry a poop shovel and find that the back of the heel on my hiking boot does a good enough job. You just need to make sure that the hole is deep enough to be well covered once you’ve finished and that your toilet paper, because this is a time for three ply, is adequately buried. Again we don’t want to see free ranging toilet paper across the mountain range.


It happens to most of us adventure ladies. Periods. Urgh. So often I have adventure ladies in training send me emails and ask how I deal with having my period when we are off travelling. I don’t. For health reasons I decided to acquire an IUD- mirena – for my needs. The perks being that I no longer have to worry about this side of adventure lady life.

Options are  the usual tampons and pads. But disposing of these can be a bit more tricky. In recent times we have seen a rise in period panties. Worst name ever but a great idea for a product.

Want more information? Here’s an overall guide to women’s health on the road.

Go Gourmet

Camping isn’t about boring dehydrated food that makes you constipated. Camping and adventures should be about being out in the wild enjoying the company of good friends in a great location. Or avoiding people all together. I just don’t do boring camp food. If we’re off car camping then it’s Cheese O’Clock with a side serve of wine please. You’ll certainly never find bog standard sausages in white bread for dinner.

Campfire cheese board || Traveling Honeybird
Cabin Zero Bag || Traveling Honeybird
Gourmet Campfire Cooking || Traveling Honeybird

Leave That Excess Baggage At Home

Trust me you really don’t need that thing that’s sitting next to you. When deciding what to take on an adventure simple is best. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest gadgets and do-dahs that we’re being sold. I’m guilty of it myself. But it does become a hassle on the road. Stuff gets lost, falls out and can literally be a pain in the arse carrying around too much weight. When choosing your clothing remember that layers are the luxury item you didn’t know ou needed.

For our car camping trips I swear by my CabinZero bag. Fits all my bedding, clothing and toiletries need. For hiking adventures I’ve recently upgraded to a 65ltr Berghaus bag but this has gone untested to date.

Items that should never be left at home;

  • First Aid Kit
  • Lip Balm
  • Sunglasses
  • Clean underwear
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Water bottle
  • Hand sanitiser

Drink All The Water

So often we forge to do this. Maybe we’re too busy chatting. Or too busy walking away our worries. But drinking water is vital to any adventure. Sadly wine doesn’t count. Only Jesus had the ability to turn water into wine and make that count towards your 8 daily glasses.

There’s so much more that I could deep dive like a PADI trainer into when it comes to being an adventure lady. Rest assured we’ll be covering these topics in more detail in coming weeks. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below and I’ll answer all.



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  1. Thank you for sharing such excellent tips. I find it really useful.

  2. These are great tips for camping in the outdoors. You are so funny and i like your writing style. I never heard this word ‘Pooping’ before. Learnt some new words here. Great Post.! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed reading your article. It is hilarious and insightful. I have been wondering how others poop when they go camping. You answered my curiosity. = ) I think others are shy to talk about it but you are not. It is so great that you do not want ‘boring camp food’. However, your backpack is going to be so heavy. What is your strategy? Do you ask fellow campers to bring good food so you can share a wonderful meal while camping?

    • Your bag doesn’t get too heavy. You don’t take too much stuff. Once you do it a few times you get used to the weight and deciding what to take

  4. Whenever I hear the word Camping I start to think of various good times spent away from hustle bustle in the lap of nature. I am ever-ready for camping. You seems to have great experience camping as you touch upon very basic but the most important issues. I agree with you that this is the most cheaper way to quench your wanderlust provided you have the right equipment. Your tips on Pooping, peeing, drinking, eating are well narrated. Great post.

  5. Loved this post because you talked about the issues that most people don’t like to talk openly. Even I find it a bit awkward at times but there are rewards for doing it. It does save a lot of money if you can just camp everywhere!

  6. I laughed the whole way through this — I just love reading your articles so much!
    We used to go camping every summer when I was a child, though obviously I don’t remember the ins and outs of the equipment my parents would pack. I do remember a bandana always being tied to my mother’s bag though! I always wondered why it was tied to her bag and not to her neck or head — I guess now I know! Hahaha.

  7. Oh camping – fresh air, birds tweeting away, serene surroundings…and then the weird bugs, chilly nights and the whole loo thing. Nah, I’m still an indoor girl.

    But, I thought you gave excellent tips and tricks for more adventurous ladies, from being properly geared up to even the pee rag! I also love the idea of gourmet style eating; warmed up tin food just doesn’t do it for me! After reading this, camping actually sounds doable again…perhaps I’ll give it another go ~ one day!

  8. Loved the way you listed out all the essentials us ladies need while camping. I need to try the period panties, it does sound funny hahah. Also the pee rag sounds like a good way to maintain personal hygiene. Going to bookmark this as I’m planning camping in the Himalayas this summer, this is going to help me big way.

  9. I really enjoyed the conversational tone of this post. I love the idea of a pee rag! Never heard of it but it definitely makes sense. I also agree that it’s super duper important to have good gear especially when it comes to sleeping in the wild. No one wants to wake up in a puddle of water or freeze when trying to enjoy the outdoors!

  10. I though I had the whole adventurous lady thing covered with overland camping through Africa – and while yes I did have to poop outside (twice, max!), I have never heard of a pee rag! You learn something new everyday, huh?!

    • I aim to educate.

  11. We always go gourmet as well when we camping travel! It’s so awesome to buy tons of delicious cheese and nothing better than with bread and butter! Camping is indeed a cheap way to adventure – totally agree!

    • Oh yum! This now has me wanting all the cheeses

  12. Hilarious post with excellent camping tips for us ladies! Never again will I pee in the wilderness without a pee rag! Pinned this to one of my camping boards. Thanks for sharing!

    • Happy to help out and see more ladies flying the pee rag flag!

  13. water is so essential everywhere! some great tips. Love the one about pooping in the woods. Never tried it. New bucketlist item maybe? hahaha

    • Always good idea to try new things hey!

  14. I have never been to camping due to those toilet problems.I heard Pee rag for first time as it looks like in ancient times mother used to do for new born babies. Great tips for women campers as women have many female type of problems.

    • Oh many campsites do have toilets available. Yes it is true that as women we do tend to have women problems.

  15. You are hilarious! I loved your little tips. I have never gone camping (just glamped once) so im not sure whether ill be able to handle the poo & pee things. But ive just gotta give camping a shot! It sounds like fun.

    • Oh many campsites do you toilets. It just depends on how tough you want to go.

  16. I’ve never heard of a pee rag! It makes a lot of sense and so much better for the environment. Getting out in nature is so good for the body, mind and soul!

    • Another friend told me about the pee rag.

  17. Digging, pooing and burying is something is very in Cambodia rural area, and I do it all the time when I visit my family there. But I’ve never actually pood (is that a word?) in a camping area before outside of the designated area. I didn’t know people do that! I’ve always just held it in. Good to know lol

  18. Love how you talk to the adventurous women out there!


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