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Travel brings out the best in your social media posts and perhaps the worst in your attitude. It’s said that if you really want to test out your relationship go on an adventure and see what happens.

As a travel couple we’ve had our issues on the road. With little sleep and being hangry it’s the small things that really upset me. Travelling 18–24 hours on buses, trains, or planes hardly brings the best out in anyone. The snapping begins over something trivial and before you know it we’re fighting about if there’s an actual difference between coke zero and diet coke.  With more travel and as I’m getting older I’m getting better at accepting whatever life throws at me but it really does help having James to travel with me.

It takes quite a bit to be a kick ass couple on the road. For our last list of amazing people that you need to know in 2016 we’re heading down Lover’s Lane and talking about some kick ass travel couples.

Long Haul Trekkers – bikes + dogs + travel.

Dave, Jen, and Sora
Technically this is a travelling threesome and not a travel couple. Dave and Jen are travelling around with their fabulous dog Sora the Explorer. You can follow these guys as they trek from South America to their home town in Portland.

Flying from Athens to Ushuaia, we began our tour at the end of the world and we are currently making our way back to Portland. We have no idea how long it will take or where exactly we will go, but we predict plenty of natural beauty, gravel roads, and probably more bike pushing than we prefer as we navigate South America on two wheels.

Nomadasaurus – Alesha and Jarod

Alesha and Jarryd, otherwise known as Lesh and Jazza an Australian couple who have been travelling the world together since 2008. Lesh & Jezza are truly wonderful. If you follow them on any of their social media accounts you’ll see them happily helping fellow travellers and not hiding behind their success. They have some of the most amazing photos of some truly unique places.

Their raw honesty is a welcome breath of fresh air in the Insta-Happy travel couple world. From change in travel plans, to having some time apart there’s not much that they hide from the world.

By the way congratulations on recently getting married.

Nomadic Boys – Stefan a&Sebastien

Stefan and Sebastien are  travelling the world with one mission: seek out and showcase unique romantic, culinary and outdoor adventures to inspire you to travel to places beyond the pink comfort zone.

You’ll find them up for just about anything for a good photo. Take a look through their Tokyo photos.

The Opportunistic Travelers – Sheila & Evo

What started as a sabbatical became an epic world-wide journey… that never ended. Today, ShEvo (that’s Sheila and Evo) are living the expat life in Bangkok, still telling stories and having adventures. One adventure I was lucky enough to join them on. Along with my two other sister wives.

Sheila takes wonderful photos of their adventures but the true pleasure of this couple is their podcast This One Time

Contented Traveller – Paula & Gordon

Not only are Paula and Gordon really nice people to travel with they are also huge foodies and coffee lovers. You’ll find their blog full of wonderful adventures where age is no barrier. Whatever you do don’t assume that these are two grey nomads.

Contented Traveller is Paula and Gordon, it is us…and we are nice. Seriously we are. We are consummate professionals because we are passionate about what we do.

Two Scots Abroad – Gema & Craig

As the name suggests Gema and Craig are two scottish travellers. Self proclaimed full time workers with a life-long travel habit. Flirting with 30 and let loose on the world!

My Tan Feet – Yeison and Samantha

A Costa Rica based blog who is on a quest to take our tan feet around the world. These guys are now blogging about their life at the beach, traveling around Costa Rica traveling traveling around Central America and to other countries on the other side of the world.

Y Travel – Caz & Craig

Caz and Craig a married couple from the Central Coast of Australia, but we like to call the world our home. You can see that this couple are serial travel addicts. Having  lived in 5 countries and had adventures through 52.

Getting Stamped – Hannah & Adam

Like quite a few of the above travel couples Hannah and Adam were living the supposed American dream. College – job – husband/wife – house + happiness. Ah not quite. Successful, crazy long houred jobs thrown away, a dream home sold and now they are travelling the world together.

Flying the Nest – Stephen & Jess

Flying the Nest is a travel blog run by Stephen & Jess, a young Australian couple with a passion for travelling, photography and film making. They began blogging in September 2014 as a way of documenting their adventures together.

What about us ? Jean & James

So indulge me here for a moment. It’s hard to write about travel couples without putting us in here too. 2015 – 2016 has seen Jean do a lot of solo travel. It’s just the way of the universe telling me to go do stuff and things. This doesn’t mean that we don’t travel together. We do and we love it. Right now we’re planning a huge South America adventure in 2017.

Want in on my list?

Sure you do. Firstly don’t email me and ask if you can be on the list. Not even money gets you on this list. Be a kick ass cool person, don’t be a dick in real life and online and generally be nice. Maybe, just maybe you’ll make it to a 2017 list. A sure way to never see yourself on a list is to ask.

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  1. This is amazing, as a solo traveler its good to read the stories of couples. thanks mate for this great post, really appreciate.

  2. Thanks for including us; you are and will always remain a friend, professionally and personally.


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