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Well here we are once more, on International Women’s Day celebrating a small yet wonderful group of female travel bloggers. Each year we spend a considerable amount of time deep diving into the world of blogging to find some truly amazing female bloggers to introduce you to. We’ve been doing this small feat of wonder since 2016 and each year we find ourselves equally amazed at the phenomenal work that these female identifying content creators are doing.

This year to date, has been a tough time for a lot of content creators. We have all felt that squeeze of global issues, such as the Australian bush fires over the Australian summer and now with the wide spread covid-19 virus causing havoc to the tourism industry. Cancellations are up, advertising revenues are down and generally it’s going to be a lean quarter for so many of us who rely on websites and partnerships to bring in the dollar bills. Now just because today might not be the best day to go on an international adventure doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t embrace the travel dreamer lifestyle and do quite a lot of research. This year I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to spend the hours that it take to curate the list. Only after some deep thinking, several coffees and a glass of rose did I decide to once more create this list for y’all. I wanted to help promote the work of these epic ladies, and help support the travel community in a handshake covid-19 free way.

How do these travel bloggers make this list?

Well this is a secret that is so well kept that we keep the secret ranking list under lock and key. We keep an eye on people, in a non-stalker fashion, over the year and take note of the ladies that are doing great things. There are a few things that we look for;

Don’t be a dick – this list takes into consideration the actions of the writers both online and offline. Remembering that the travel community is rather small and we do talk quite a bit to one another. YAY for social media I say. When people turn into demanding divas, slag off other bloggers and are generally being assclowns well that’s a black mark.

Don’t steal content – yes we still see this happening

Be real, be honest and be capable- The blogger lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It can be a tough slog at times, with ups and downs and round abouts that you don’t expect. We love seeing these ladies portray the good and the bad when it comes to this lifestyle. I wish I could say that it was always 5 star hotels and latte life but it isn’t. Missed flights, food poisoning, sexual harassment are all rather common when you’re travelling the world as a female identifying person.

Maybe you’re here looking for some female friendly cities to travel to – we can highly recommend Melbourne, Sydney, London and Tokyo for some pretty epic cities for great and very safe solo female adventures.

The Top 20 Female Travel Bloggers of 2020

Janet Newman – Journalist on the Run – Irish blogger and Sri Lanka promotional super star. Janet is super nice, super raw and hilarious on her stories. Over the past year we’ve watched her go from awesome to super star in Russia awesome. She has a new hilariously raw and honest YouTube channel.

Roxanne Bamboat -The Tiny Taster – I’m not sure if there’s anything this woman can’t do! Super star writer, YouTube star and a fantastic member of the content creator community. She’s regularly seen supporting local businesses in her home town of Mumbai, working towards female empowerment in India and generally helping out her fellow bloggers. 100% girl crush on this tiny little lady. Oh and did I mention that she also runs tours internationally? 

Brittany Kulick – The Sweet Wanderlust – Not only a great content creator but also good friend of Traveling Honeybird. I recently had the pleasure of travelling with Brittnany to Japan and eating our way around the country. It was a a delicious adventure, and we event got to make kawaii bento boxes together. She’s taken her blog to a whole new level and is now offering food tours in Israel!

Kylee, These Foreign Roads – Kylee is hilarious and to make things even better she is Canadian. Some days I think that’s one and the same thing. Kylee is a delight to travel with, has hilarious Instagram moments and is a chef by trade. So you know that when her and husband Mark have an Air Bnb going on, there is going to be some delicious food happening. Their recent travels have taken them around central America with some interesting results.

Shif – Sassy Shif Says
At first glance you might just think that Shif is just a pretty face but let me tell you she is one of the most delightful, caring and considerate ladies I have ever had the pleasure of traveling with. She shows off some great makeup tutorials as well as some pretty epic travel adventures. Proof that covering multiple niches can be done!

Carol Cain – Girl Gone Travel
Without wanting to sound like I’m here gas lighting Carol is a huge inspiration of how people of colour can travel and can be supportive of one another. It never ceases to amaze me how POC have such different travel experiences to myself and how the small things we do each day can truly make a difference – for better of worse – to travellers of colour, the LGTBQI community and pretty much anyone that is a straight white person.

Victoria – Follow Me Away
Now I’m not going to harp on about her epic Instagram photos – though you should go and check it out but I’m here to talk to you about how honest Victoria is. She has a few health issues, loves Disneyland and spend considerable time for free nurturing a Facebook group and helping other content creators up their photography game!

Leah – Off the clock nurse 
We can’t all be off quitting our jobs travelling the world. from Off the Clock Nurse shows us how easy it is with a skilled job, like nursing, that you can travel and get paid. Also I’m not going to lie I’m in love with her incredibly judgmental dog. If you need a good laugh watcher her Insta stories to see dog Dakota judgement day. It’s a common occurrence.

Bec Wyld, Wyld FamilyTravels
For any woman who went through puberty as a girl can you imagine taking two pubescent teenage daughters on a year long trip around the world? Well Bec (and husband Mark) did exactly that and have recently returned home to Australia. They are sharing some great family travel tips and tricks that you should check out.

Jean of Traveling Honeybird
How could I possible leave myself off this list? I like me and I like creating this content for y’all! If you’re reading this and get a giggle feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram or on Facebook. Bonus points if it includes a coffee, coffee recommendation or a judgmental puppy.

Paula, Sydney Expert
Not all bloggers are size zero Instagram model type millennials. For years now Paula has crafted the unique website Sydney Expert and has helped people from around the world explore Sydney’s more unique experiences as well as exploring around her home state of New South Wales. A super helpful lady!

Gerry Isabelle – Domican Abroad
I was fortunate enough to meet and briefly travel with Isabelle on a recent trip to Nepal. Her content focuses on slower, sustainable travel. Her photos and words are equally as beautiful and helpful!

Karla, Karla Around the World
Another lucky lady that I got to meet in Nepal, Karla is a little hot pocket rocket of energy and positivity. It’s hard to not laugh with Karla, even when she is being serious. Self proclaimed high adrenaline, constantly exploring, travel enthusiast it’s easy to enjoy her creative content.

Sarah Chant, Exploring Kiwis 
As Australians we both love to travel and love to pick on our New Zealand neighbours. Sarah makes some pretty fun blog posts and is super supportive in the travel blogger community. Check out some of her amazing Japan content to inspire your next trip to the land of rising sun.

 Mariellen Ward – Breathe, dream, go.
One of the ol’ school guards Mariellen has been inspiring and educating people on India for what seems like forever. And for good reason too! She lives in India, travels in India and connects travellers with India in a way that very few white bloggers could do. By neither romanticising nor over exaggerating the highs and lows of travel in India. A wonderful resource for anyone looking to travel to India.

Maria, Europe Up Close
German born, American based Maria creates some really useful guides on areas in Europe. It helps that several times a year she pops back to Europe to visit family, allowing the most up to date content. Which is a bonus when you’re in Germany reading one of her guides and decide to try out a beer hall recommendation.

Katy Clarke – Untold Morsels
Katy has fastly turned her PR skills into a world of Italy wonder! Taking her skills as far as being able to host some fairly delicious (possibly wine fueled) trips to Italy. A star in the Melbourne blogger scene she’s always out supporting her fellow content creators and giving away a lot of very useful tips & tricks around Italy travel.

Lia – Practical Wanderlust
If you have a fluffy pupper, that you create an Insta account for and showcase how happy puppy life is then you’re almost guranteed a spot on this list. In fairness to her Lia is equally as much fun as her new pupper, Mulan. Well almost. BUT if you’re looking for super helpful guides and a hilarious couple on Instagram then Lia and her partner Jeremy are for you. Bonus points for the fluffy butt pupper.

Ashley- Wild Hearted
I’ve been following Ashley for years, back when her original blog name had the word Gypsy in it. We recently got to be ridiculous friend together in Kathmandu and I can’t wait to see her again. It’s been wonderful watching her blog adapt and change as she has grown as a person. Rebranding from a Gypsy (which if you don’t know is considered a racial slur) into her current Vegan lifestyle. If you need more reassurance that she’s an awesome lady, watch out for her teeny tiny dog on her Insta stories.

Kaite – Two Wandering Soles
All smiles and super creative young lady, who was lucky enough to travel with me in Nepal. Recently she and her husband have acquired a van and I can’t wait to watch them on their American adventures. Once they have finished up with all those expensive conversion activities.

And we’re done!

20 amazing female travel bloggers that you now know

And that’s a wrap for the top 20 female travel bloggers that you need to check out in 2020. Now I wanted to say that this list is merely the tip of the female identifying blogger world. Showcasing some ladies who are epic online and in real life, which seemingly is on the rare side of life. There’s so many more ladies that I wish that I could have featured but as we roll with the number of bloggers by the year it is, this is my top 20.

Every year I get an influx of people wanting to be added. Sadly you can’t be added to this list. As I’ve mentioned it is a very complex algorithm that Instagram is jealous of, that helps me make up my mind on who should or shouldn’t be included. You really can’t buy your way onto this list, and yes last year I did have three very considerable financial offers to be included.

Why a female only list?

Well we all know how much being born a woman puts you on the back foot. Lower wages, less money in retirement, being taxed on sanitary products etc. Now sadly the blogging world isn;t too different with our male members of the community being paid more (and usually on time!) then the female content creators. I’ve been on press trips were the male members make up to 30% more! Or those trips were the ladies aren’t paid at all.

So one thing I will ask y’all to do is click on the share buttons for this article. Share it around the world so that by working together we can help promote the work that these epic ladies are doing.

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